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Sharjah Fish Market

Are you trying to find a shop in Sharjah that sells the day’s catch? Specifically, you should visit Souq Al Jubail, more often known as the Sharjah Fish Market.

A part of the enormous Souq Al Jubail in the emirate, where you can find anything from seafood to meat to fresh fruit and vegetables in tidy rows. At the heart of the Souq is the bustling fish market, where locals and visitors alike can see the day’s catch being packed in ice and sold at auction. Traders organise an auction twice a day, so be sure to bring money and a camera. 

Souq Al Jubail is a modern supermarket built on the site of Sharjah’s original local fish market. The well-organised market selling fish, fruits, and vegetables is in the majestic dome building across from Sharjah Creek. When waiting in line, guests can get something to drink at the live counters. You’ll find the familiarity and low prices of street shopping and the convenience of a supermarket when you visit Sharjah Fish Market.

The Souq Al Jubail fish market is known for its high-quality fresh fish, regulated prices that eliminate the need for haggling, and cutting-edge equipment for sourcing and preserving its fish. Despite its location, you may enjoy the mall’s nearly one hundred stores, dedicated cleaning area, and comfortable air conditioning even on the hottest days. Even if you’re not in the market to buy anything, a visit to the Sharjah Fish Market is still worth it just to see how seamlessly tradition and modernity coexist.

The prices at Souq Al Jubail are uniform throughout the market, which sets it apart from other local bazaars. Furthermore, haggling is not recommended.

Indian mutton, Australian chops, and various sorts of fish and shellfish are all available for purchase. Fish is subject to availability based on the day’s catch.

Peaches, broccoli, gooseberries, and pomegranates are just a few examples of the locally grown and imported fruits and vegetables found in the market’s produce department. This area is famous for its production of dates, which are sent all over the world. Customers can buy them in either small or huge quantities, and their demand is over the roof. 

The Perfect Time to Visit Souq Al Jubail Fish Market

It’s better to go grocery shopping first thing in the morning for the freshest selection of fruit and vegetables. If you want to get a lot of shopping done, you should come to the market before 8:00 AM. Expect the most crowds and the most activity at this time of day. Later in the evening, about 6:00 PM, when the market begins to close, is a good time to go if you want to avoid the crowds. Enjoy a stunning ocean sunset right next to the market. 

The ‘catch of the day’ is auctioned off at the market every day in a special event held inside a blue fence. The first one is at about 6:00 AM and the second one is at about 4:00 PM every day. If you wish to view it, you should come at the times indicated. 

Souq Al Jubail isn’t just a terrific place to go during Ramadan; it’s also a great place to go for your regular shopping needs. Due to its prominence as a gathering place, the market hosts a number of exciting events and activities for both tourists and citizens of Sharjah. They have entertaining things like balloon twisters, henna artists, and face painters to keep the kids and their parents occupied.

During the holy month of Ramadan, the market expands to include more vendors selling a variety of delectable grills, freshly baked bread, and other Ramadan specialities. You shouldn’t wait for a more fitting time to join in the celebrations.

A Way to Getting There:

Bus Number to get Souq Al Jubail Fish Market: E88

Souq Al Jubail may be find in the area connecting Corniche Street and Sharjah Creek. Nearby is the Central Souk, and directly across the street is the Al Jubail Bus Station. Distances from Al Mamzar Beach and Park are 16 kilometres (15 minutes), Sharjah National Park is 19.5 kilometres (25 minutes), and the Al Qasba Area is 6 kilometres (nine minutes).

You may find this enormous marketplace not far from the Al Majaz Waterfront. The easiest route to Souq Al Jubail from Sharjah is to take E88 to Sheikh Zayed Street/ S124. A second option is to take S116/Sheikh Zayed Road.  You must get off at the Corniche Street/ S101 exit if you’re coming from any of the two main routes.

Leave Dubai via Sheikh Zayed Road/E11 and continue onto King Faisal Street/S112 in Sharjah; both roads are part of the Emirates’ unified road network. The souk is located on the left side of the road when you take the Corniche Street exit.

Stick with us, we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening in Sharjah.

What exactly sets it apart from the rest of the pack?

The Sharjah Fish Market, inspired by Islamic architecture, features many arches and a series of circular domes. It has a large, air-conditioned shopping area on two floors. If you live in Sharjah and are looking for pesticide- and additive-free fish, this is your top choice.


The total square footage of this market is an enormous 1.07 million feet, and it consists of two stories of a traditional souk. According to the most up-to-date numbers, there are 90+ fish markets, 65+ butcher shops, and 200+ grocery stores. While waiting for their purchases, consumers can help themselves to complimentary tea and snacks at management-staffed snack stations.

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