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How to renew Sharjah Driving license

You will need a Sharjah driver’s licence if you plan on getting behind the wheel while living in the UAE’s cultural capital. Expats, as well as citizens of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), are given a two-year window to use their newly issued Sharjah driver’s licence. After the expiration of these two years, you will need to renew your Sharjah driver’s licence before you can legally operate a motor vehicle again. If your Sharjah driver’s licence is up for renewal, you have the option of doing it either online or at a specialised Customer Service Centre.

RTA Dubai Official Website

1. Go to the RTA website and navigate to the Driver and Car Owner Services section.

2. To renew your Dubai driver’s licence, select Driving License Services from the menu. Attach your paperwork here.

Send a credit card or debit card payment for the total amount due, including any applicable service fees and past-due fines.

What are the documents require to renew a driver’s licence in Sharjah?

Procedure for Renewing Your Sharjah Driver’s License:

Residents of Sharjah will appreciate the changes that made to the renewal process for their driver’s licences. Keep reading to learn about what you’ll need to renew, what forms you’ll need to fill out, how to apply, how much it’ll cost you, and more.

Who may be apply for a reinstatement of their Sharjah license?

It is possible to renew your driving licence in Sharjah if it is set to expire within the next six months. In the first 30 days following the expiration date, there is no penalty; after that, a monthly fee of AED 10 will be assessed. One can pay up to 500 AED.

After 10 years have passed since your last Sharjah driving test, you will need to take a new exam to renew your licence.

Where do I go renew my Sharjah license?

Renewing a Sharjah licence can be done in two different methods. You can also visit the Customer Happiness Centre in Al Ramtha.  The facility is accessible every day of the week from Saturday at 7:30 AM through Thursday at 2:30 PM. One more option for renewing your Sharjah driver’s licence is to go online to the MOI’s official website.

I need to renew my Sharjah licence; what paperwork do I need?

To renew your Sharjah driver’s licence, which is likely to expire, you must provide the following information and documentation.

  • Previous driver’s licence
  • Authentic Emirates Identification Card
  • Individual portrait
  • Accurate eye test

An eye test is need for all new driver’s licence applications. This certification test has a validity period of 3 years. If you renew your driver’s licence after two years, your vision will pass the required test without any additional testing. In contrast, a new exam is required if more than three years have passed since the last one. You can schedule your eye exam at any reputable optical store in Sharjah. 

To get your driver’s licence renewed in Sharjah, you must first settle any traffic fines you owe.


How to get this information is determine by whether you apply in person or online.

All the aforementioned items, plus the renewal cost, can be submitted to the department in person. A provisional licence shall be issued to you for usage pending the issuance of the renewal licence.

You may easily renew your Sharjah driver’s licence online by visiting the MOI website, going to the E-services section, and then choosing traffic and licencing from the drop-down menu. To receive a temporary licence, you need to look for the tab for car driver’s licence renewal, click it, enter your login information, upload the required documents, and pay the associated charge.


1. What is the cost to renew a Sharjah licence?

Ans – Residents under the age of 21 in Sharjah must pay an additional AED 120 while renewing their driver’s licence. To enter, you’ll need to pay a fee of AED 320 if you’re over the age of 21. If you need your licence mailed to you, expect to pay another AED 15. Obtaining the licence entirely on your own will save you the cost of the service fee. All major credit cards accepted for renewal payments.

2. How much does it cost to renew a 2022 license?

Ans – The licence renewal price in the Philippines is Php 589, regardless of whether you are a professional or amateur player. If your payment is late and you’re past the LTO’s grace period, you’ll incur late costs.

3. Can I drive with an expired license?

Ans – You should know that it’s against the law to drive with a revoked or expired licence. Not only that, but your insurance company will be of little assistance to you. A person is “unauthorised” to operate a motor vehicle under the law if their driver’s licence expired.


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