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Global Village Dubai

Dubai hosts Global Village every year as a tourist destination. If someone wants to spend time with their loved ones, this is a terrific place to go. The multicultural location provides an insight into a range of cultures from around the world. It’s a one-stop shop where you can sample cuisine from around the world and take in other immersive entertainment offerings. 

Since its opening, the theme park—which is particularly well-liked by visitors from abroad—has welcomed close to 90 million visitors. With its many shops, eateries, entertainment venues, and kiosks, Global Village Dubai is one of the world’s top 4 entertainment destinations in terms of average daily foot traffic. The organisers welcome individuals from all walks of life by setting up something fresh and exciting every year. 

Global Village Dubai



Best time to visit Global Village Dubai

When the weather is nice and cool, from October to March, is the ideal time to visit Global Village Dubai. It’s crucial to make thoughtful plans throughout these months as these are the busiest travel times for global villages.

Compared to weekends, weekdays typically offer a more laid-back vibe with fewer people and shorter lines for rides and attractions. Weekends are typically busier. Weekday afternoons are ideal when it comes to the best times of day. Select Tuesdays, which are set out just for families and women, if you intend to visit with female friends or relatives.


Restrooms: Global Village Dubai has spotlessly clean, well-maintained lavatory facilities.

Information centres: Visitors can get help, maps, and advice from information centre staff.

First aid stations: Global Village Dubai has fully functional first aid stations.

Parking: Global Village offers over 20,000 spots for cars.

ATMs and currency exchange: There are easily accessible ATMs and currency exchange counters.

Lost and Found: There is a special space set up for lost and found goods.

Wi-Fi: Global Village Dubai offers free WiFi connection.

Rental services: Wheelchair rental services are available for visitors.

Global Village Ticket Price

Buy your tickets online to save 10%. Tickets are available for purchase online for AED 27 for any day and AED 25 for weekdays. The tickets are valid from Sunday through Thursday, excluding public holidays. During Season 28, park admission tickets are good for a single visit (Tuesdays are just for Families, Couples, and Ladies). 

Any Day Entry Ticket

  • AED 27 per person

Weekday Ticket

  • AED 22.5 per person
  • Valid Sunday – Thursday, except public holidays

Entry Ticket – Senior above 65

  • AED 0 per person

Entry Ticket – Children aged 12 and below

  • AED 0 per person

Entry Ticket – People of Determination

  • AED 0 per person

Global Village Dubai’s opening hours

From Sundays to Wednesdays

4 PM to 12 AM 

From Thursdays to Saturdays & public holidays 

4 PM to 1 AM

Tuesdays are reserved for families and ladies.

Last admission: 1 hour before closing time

Global Village Dubai

How to reach Global Village Dubai

By public transport

By metro:

Take the Dubai metro to get to Global Village. You can board the Red Line from anywhere in Dubai, making it one of the simplest and most affordable forms of public travel. Exit the Metro station at the Mall of the Emirates. Proceed to the bus terminal and board Bus 106 to Global Village after that.

By Bus:

Bus travel to Global Village Dubai is convenient and reasonably priced. Every day, from 3:15 PM to 11:15 PM, a bus service departs every thirty minutes. To assist you, consider the following bus routes:

  • Bus 102 from Rashidiya Metro Station
  • Bus 103 from Union Metro Station 
  • Bus 104 from Ghubaiba Bus Station
  • Bus 106 from Mall of Emirates Metro Station

By car

With two major highways linking Global Village to Dubai’s main metropolis, getting to Global Village couldn’t be easier. There are about 20,000 parking spaces, which will please you if you are travelling there by automobile. Remember to board the free GV Express rail from P3 parking to the Gate of the World entrance after parking.

Parking facilities

  • General Area: P1 – P12 are free of charge for visitors. 
  • VIP Parking Area: Area 1 & 2 (AED 200 per day)

Global Village Dubai  Shows and events

Twin Harp

Join the Twin Harp on the Main Stage as they take you on a thrilling musical journey across a wide range of genres and styles. Let the mellow melodies and steady beats carry you away, whether they are classic songs or modern hits. Take in the lavish decor, relax, and give yourself over to the harp’s calming melodies. This talented harpist’s performance is sure to enthral you, regardless of your interest in music or your desire for a unique experience. Enjoy an evening at the Main Stage full of mesmerising music and treasured memories.

Merry Go Round

Enter a world of enchantment with Merry-Go-Round, a captivating circus performance including an exquisite carousel. You will be in awe of traditional performers including strongmen, jugglers, acrobats, unicyclists, penny farthing riders, and fire breathers. In this lively, colourful, and exuberant carousel of circus artistry, every performer is a wonderful spectacle. Come experience a magical, thrilling, and unparalleled evening at Merry-Go-Round.

The Nine

The Nine is a unique performance featuring a group of well-choreographed dancers whose movements are synced with LED light sequences! Enjoy the high-energy dancing spectacle as dancers move fluidly from nine screens to the stage and virtually to real! Sit back, unwind, and enjoy.

Global Village Dubai

Cyber City Stunt Show, Powered by Surge

Sleep is rare in Cyber City, where there is seemingly endless activity and a flawless world. Beautiful streets and gleaming skyscrapers create an image of luxury, which is watched over by on-duty cyber cops.

But beneath the surface is a cunning dictator using a strong super server to rule the city. The Legion 5 military warriors, who bravely staged a fight at Tyranious Towers to topple the tyrant’s authority, provide salvation. Upgrade to our Star Seating for an even better experience, increasing your comfort and allowing you to see the exciting performance from the best possible angle.

Laser Show

A captivating musical score and a kaleidoscope of colours in various forms combine magnificently to create an unforgettable evening at the Laser Show on the Lake. This famous location in Global Village hosts a fantastically synchronised laser display that combines water, light, and movies every night. Get ready for an amazing visual feast.



Is admission to Global Village Dubai free of charge?

No. Global Village Dubai is not open to the public for free. However, admission to Global Village is free for elders over 65 and children under three.

How much does it cost to visit Global Village Dubai?

When purchasing online, day passes to Global Village Dubai start at just AED 22.50.

Can I visit Global Village Dubai in a group?

Yes. Groups are welcome to visit Global Village Dubai.

Can I take the kids to Global Village Dubai?

Yes. You can take your children to Global Village Dubai. Youngsters under three get free admission to Global Village.

Can I purchase food and beverages at Dubai’s Global Village?

Yes. There are several ways to enjoy food and beverages at Dubai’s Global Village.

How long does it take to visit Global Village Dubai?

Approximately five to six hours are needed to see Global Village Dubai.

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