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Euro 2024 fan zones in Dubai

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Your guide to Euro 2024 in Dubai: Where to watch the football Euro 2024 fan zones in Dubai: At last, the wait is over. When the Euros begin on Friday, June 14, they are sure to take over the minds of all football fans in Dubai. 24 nations will travel to Germany for this summer's Euros in an attempt to win continental bragging rights for the ensuing four years. There are plenty of football fan zones in Dubai where you can watch the Euros and still experience the stadium atmosphere, so don't worry if you can't travel to Germany this summer. There are many locations throughout the city where you can watch a penalty shootout through your fingers, applaud every goal, and flinch at every violation. We'll be examining Dubai's top fan areas here. We have everything you need, whether you're ...

FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup The Asian section of the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualification will act as qualifiers for the 2026 FIFA World Cup for national teams of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). AFC teams have been allocated eight direct qualifying slots and one inter-confederation play-off slot. The qualification format was announced on 1 August 2022, having been revamped to fit the increased finals allocation of eight direct qualifiers and one play-off qualifier: First round: 20 teams (ranked 27–46) played home-and-away over two legs. The ten winners advanced to the second round. The best loser qualified for the 2027 AFC Asian Cup qualification third round, while the remaining teams qualified for the 2027 AFC Asian Cup qualification – play-off round. Second round: 36 teams (ranked 1–...

Route of the Etihad Rail network

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a 1,200 km railway infrastructure project called Tihad Rail is being constructed. The railway line crosses the United Arab Emirates and ends in Fujairah, which is located on the Indian Ocean coast, at the Saudi border. An estimated AED 40 billion ($11 billion) is being invested in its development. In June 2009, Etihad Rail (formerly known as Union Railway Company) was founded with the goal of creating, constructing, and running the railway infrastructure. The federal government of the United Arab Emirates (30%) and the government of Abu Dhabi (70%), jointly own it. A crucial component of the $100 billion Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) rail project will be the railway infrastructure. By 2024, the GCC railway network—which will link the UAE with Saudi...


SAIF ZONE offers total ownership in a designated free zone along with alluring tax-friendly benefits in an unrivalled strategic location. SAIF ZONE offers a wealth of opportunities for networking and collaboration, with every aspect carefully planned and backed by strong service support, allowing you to concentrate entirely on expanding your company. Why Choose SAIF Zone? Serving a wide spectrum of enterprises looking for a quick, easy, and hassle-free working environment, SAIF Zone offers itself as the best place to start a business in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. State-of-the-art amenities are provided in the zone, such as equipped and air-conditioned executive suites with reception services, four-sized pre-built warehouses with office spaces attached, and leased land for unmonitored...

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Established in 2002 as a commodities marketplace in the heart of Dubai's Jumeirah Lake Tower District (JLT), the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing free zones. More than 22,000 companies from various industries and sectors, including Argo, energy, financial services, and the mining of basic metals, gold, and diamonds, call it home today. For eight consecutive years, the Financial Times FDI magazine has named DMCC the Global Free Zone of the Year, recognising it as the greatest location for business establishment in the United Arab Emirates, thanks to its top-notch amenities, cutting-edge infrastructure, and simplified legal and regulatory frameworks. With its unmatched business solutions and active comm...

Sharjah New Mosque

The United Arab Emirates is renowned for having some stunning mosques, and peaceful houses of prayer with exquisite architectural design. A brand-new mosque in the Al Tay neighbourhood of the Emirate of Sharjah has just been added to the list, with space for up to 25,000 people. The King Faisal Mosque has been supplanted as the largest mosque in the emirate by the Sharjah Mosque. The new mosque in Sharjah is a work of architectural art, beautifully designed in the Ottoman style, and well worth a visit. It is also one of the mosques in Sharjah that accepts guests who are not Muslims. Location Located in the Al Tay neighbourhood at the intersection of Maliha Road (E102) and Emirates Road (E611), this mosque is currently one of the most well-known in all of Sharjah. Those purchasing propert...

Schengen Visa

In 2022, more than 5.9 million people entered Europe using Schengen visas. This indicates how well-liked the Schengen nations are becoming among tourists. You can visit the captivating locations in the Schengen area if you live in the United Arab Emirates. To assist you in applying for a Schengen visa, read this advice. What is Schengen? Schengen is a region in Europe which includes 27 nations and allows travellers and residents to travel freely without going through border inspections. The idea of free movement throughout the zone was first introduced in 1985 with the signing of the Schengen Agreement. Except for Ireland, all of the EU's member states are part of the Schengen Area. What is a Schengen visa? A Schengen visa is a visa that permits travel inside the European Schengen ...

Hotels and Tour Operators E-Licensing

Hotels and Tour Operators E-licensing. This system covers every licensing-related service's different service modules. Hotel establishments can use the SCTDA Partner Interface to log in and view pertinent data. Because it's a one-stop shop, businesses can use it to start and monitor their SCTDA apps. Upon approval of their applications, external clients can register, create an account, and begin utilising the services. Initial Approval for amending scheme of existing hotel Establishment Service Description Issuing the initial Approval of the proposed engineering modifications to an existing hotel establishment, upon the request of the hotel establishment. Execution Process Visit the Authority headquarters to turn in the application and supporting documentation. ...

Barasti beach

One of the liveliest bars in the city has always been the world-famous Barasti Beach Bar. It's the ideal spot to watch sports with a refreshing drink and bar food because it has the largest outside sitting area and the best big screen for live sports in Dubai. Inside, there's live music every day of the week, lots of seats for sundowners, food, and an amazing evening. There's no better spot to kill time if you enjoy lazy beach days than the renowned Barasti Beach. An icon in Dubai, Barasti provides the ideal fusion of excellent cuisine, delectable drinks, and live music all set against the breath taking background of Dubai Marina.  It is very acceptable to us if you choose to stay after the sun sets! Experience our legendary Sugar Beach nights and party all night long with the top D...

Zipline Dubai

Welcome to the heart-pounding adventure of Zipline Dubai, where the thrill of soaring through the sky meets the breathtaking skyline of this iconic city. Nestled amidst the towering structures and modern marvels, Zipline Dubai offers an exhilarating experience like no other. As you gear up and prepare to take flight, you'll witness panoramic views of the cityscape, blending the futuristic architecture with the timeless beauty of the desert landscape. Feel the rush of wind as you zip along the specially designed course, providing an adrenaline-fueled journey that combines speed, height, and unmatched vistas. Whether you're a thrill-seeker seeking an unforgettable experience or a tourist looking to witness Dubai from a new perspective, Zipline Dubai promises an unforgettable adventure. Ge...