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Kochi to Dubai cruise

The Kerala government has approved the Beypore-Kochi-Dubai cruise route, which will shortly begin operations, in an effort to boost tourism and offer easy, affordable international travel. The green light was reportedly granted after a significant demand from non-resident Indian passengers was observed, according to information provided by Manorama. The outrageous prices that tourists and expats must pay during busy seasons were cited as the reason why such a route was required.

  According to Manorama, the approved route is a 4000-kilometre one that travels from Beypur in Kozhikode via Kochi to Dubai. It offers convenient travel, a thirty per cent reduction in airfare, and stunning vistas of the sea and its wide-ranging landscapes. During a Q&A session in parliament, the article stated that India’s Union Shipping Minister, Sarbananda Sonowal, stated that the route had been approved by the central government.

Kochi to Dubai cruise

  For just one-third of the price, or between INR 10,000 (Dh442) and INR 15,000 (Dh663) for a one-way ticket, travellers will be permitted to carry three times as much luggage, or up to 200 kilogrammes. Up to 1,250 people can be accommodated on the vessel, and the service will start in partnership with freight businesses.

  As per YA Rahim, the President of the Indian Association Sharjah, the ship is expected to arrive in Kerala after approximately three days. He added, “The goal is to have the service operational before the December school break,” in an interview with Khaleej Times. We aim to ensure that Indian expatriates living in the UAE can visit their hometowns without having to pay outrageous airfare costs.

  The ship will sail to Kochi and Beypore in Kerala for approval. Rahim claims that a third location is in the works. He disclosed, “We also intend to launch a route to Vizhinjam.”

  According to Mathrubhumi, the Kerala Maritime Board and NORKA Roota will release the project’s tender, after which businesses might submit their offers for the service or vessels.

  However, the thousands of Keralites employed as labourers in the GCC countries have been enthusiastic about the shipping service from Beypore to Dubai. The project’s viability has been questioned by shipping industry experts, nevertheless, because to infrastructural deficiencies, travel times, and financial considerations.


When is the cruise service going to begin? 

  Although the precise launch date has not yet been disclosed, it is anticipated to occur in 2024.

How much time does it take to get from Kochi to Dubai? 

  It is estimated that the cruise will last three to four days.

What is the price of a ticket? 

  It is anticipated that one-way tickets will begin at INR 10,000.

Can I purchase a cruise ticket online? 

  Yes, once the official launch date is revealed, internet booking gateways should be accessible.

Will Journey Fiesta provide any exclusive cruise packages? 

  Of course! Exclusive vacation packages that combine pre- and post-cruise experiences in Kerala and Dubai are created by Journey Fiesta.

Do I need a visa to travel to Dubai from India? 

  Yes, a visa is needed for Indian nationals to enter Dubai.

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