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New restaurants and bars opening in dubai

In 2023, the city has already seen the opening of over 100 pubs and restaurants. In 2024, however, there will be a tonne of new eateries and pubs opening. We are quite excited to check out all the new restaurants and bars that will be coming to Dubai soon, from upscale dining establishments to opulent beach clubs, and rooftop bars to informal eateries. We have all the restaurants you might want to try right now. Here are every restaurant and bar that will be opening in Dubai in the upcoming months if you’re wondering what to look out for.

New restaurants and bars opening in dubai

Restaurants opening soon in Dubai

1. Smoki Moto

Smoki Moto

As of right now, Smoki Moto is aiming to wow meat enthusiasts with its Korean barbecue, which comes with a tabletop grill for you to use to prepare your meals. We’ve been keeping an eye on Smoki Motto since September 2022, so it appears to be taking its sweet time to open, but when it does, you can anticipate it bringing something fresh and unique to the Palm.

contact us :+971 4 666 1111

Location: Marriott Resort Palm Jumeirah

Cuisine: Korean     

2.African Queen

New restaurants and bars opening in dubai

African Queen at J1 Beach will open its doors and provide elegant dining in a laid-back setting for the first time outside of Europe. Classic Mediterranean fare with a contemporary touch, spearheaded by Chef Thierry Paludetto. Salade niçoise, which is served tableside with tuna belly, fillet au poivre, and artichokes dressed in vinaigrette and parmesan are among the foods suggested for the menu.

countact us :

Location: J1 Beach, La Mer

Cuisine: Mediterranean


3.71 Steak and Grill

New restaurants and bars opening in dubai

  As of right now, the renowned Emirates Towers will host the five-month launch of 71 Steak and Grill’s grill concept experience. Renowned for his method of wood-fire grilling, chef Brando Moros will design a menu featuring foods cooked over live flames.

contact us : +971 6 715 7171

Location: Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Cuisine: Steakhouse


New restaurants and bars opening in dubai

  The Time Out Dubai Restaurant Award winner for Best Pizzeria has officially revealed to Time Out Dubai that it will be launching a new, licenced eatery in the rapidly developing Dubai Hills district. With its sourdough compositions and pizza that’s not quite New York nor Neapolitan, Pitfire is a local favourite in Dubai.

contact us : +971 800 7483473

Location: Dubai Hills Business Park

Cuisine: Pizza

5.CARO Steakhouse Frenzy

New restaurants and bars opening in dubai

  At Fairmont Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road, CARO is a restaurant from the same team that brought you Soon Izakaya and Sfumato. Visitors may expect to be served fine steaks and seafood, such as grilled lobster and oysters, under the direction of Chef Carson Hill. The Renaissance is said to have served as inspiration for the area.

Location: Fairmont Dubai

Cuisine: Steakhouse


New restaurants and bars opening in dubai

  It will be challenging to surpass Tatel in terms of sheer star power, given the company is supported by football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, tennis player Rafael Nadal, and Lakers player Paul Gasol. The restaurants’ stellar cuisine and beverage selections and famous customers have contributed to their enormous success in their home city of Madrid. Inside the VIDA Hotel Downtown, Tatel will provide a daily live entertainment experience with a Spanish Mediterranean character.

Location: VIDA Hotel Downtown

Cuisine: Spanish


new restarunt and bars opening soon in dubai

  It appears that this is something that Dubai has never actually seen before. Gitano, which has sites in Tulum, Miami, New York, and soon Dubai when it opens at J1 Beach, was born in the tropical rainforest of Mexico. With the Mexican food selection, patrons can indulge in sophisticated meals and dancing experiences. a culinary genre that Dubai still has a lot to learn about.

Location: J1 Beach, La Mer

Cuisine: Mexican

8.Jamavar Dubai

new restaurants and bar opening soon in dubai

  The brand already has two locations: one in London and another in Doha. Jamavar Dubai will be its third location. Regarding the menu, it will feature items from Southern states’ seaside cuisine as well as meals from Northern India’s royal kitchens. By year’s end, it is intended to open.

Location: Downtown Dubai

Cuisine: Pan-Indian

9.MiMi Mei Fair

New restaurants and bars opening in dubai

 MiMi Mei Fair Dubai is envisioned as a single, elevated area, drawing inspiration from Beijing’s Forbidden Palace. We expect that when it arrives here by the end of the year, it will serve its renowned Peking duck, which is the speciality of its original location in Mayfair.

Location: Downtown Dubai

Cuisine: Chinese

10.Osteria Funk coolio

New restaurants and bars opening in dubai

  As of right now, we know that chef Akmal Anuar, who is located in Dubai, is introducing a brand-new idea that is hidden away in the newest La Mer development, Port De La Mer. We anticipate the aptly titled Osteria Funkcoolio to be both funky and cool. It’s going to be unforgettable. The new, cosy, 30-seat Italian restaurant “defies convention in favour of innovative Itameshi creations,” according to the chef. It’s essentially the idea of creating Italian food with the finest ingredients available in Japan.

Location : Port de la Mer

Cuisine: Italian


Are there any unique dining experiences offered by the new establishments?

  Many new restaurants and bars in Dubai strive to offer unique and innovative dining experiences. Explore diverse cuisines, themed atmospheres, or special events hosted by these establishments.

How can I make a reservation at a new restaurant or bar?

  Reservations can often be made through the official website of the establishment, dedicated reservation platforms, or by contacting them directly through phone or email.

What safety measures are in place, especially considering the ongoing pandemic?

  New restaurants and bars in Dubai are likely to adhere to local health and safety guidelines. Check if they implement measures such as social distancing, sanitization, and contactless menus.

What types of cuisines are trending in the latest openings?

  Explore the diverse culinary landscape in Dubai by discovering the trending cuisines among the new establishments. From fusion dishes to authentic international flavours, there’s likely a variety to choose from.

Are there any happy hour or special promotions available?

  Keep an eye out for happy hour deals, special promotions, or discounts that new restaurants and bars may offer. This information is often available on their official websites or social media pages.

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