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Palm Jebel Ali

  Nakheel has reopened one of the most eagerly awaited man-made islands in Dubai with an enhanced development plan. After the Palm Jebel Ali project is finished, it is anticipated to house over 30,000 families and offer a wide range of lifestyle amenities and recreational opportunities.

  One of Nakheel’s Palm Islands, along with Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Islands, is this man-made archipelago. The Palm Jebel Ali project is expected to be twice as large as Palm Jumeirah, which is now a well-liked waterfront neighbourhood with upmarket dining options, beaches, luxury homes, and recreational activities. It will span 13.4 sq. km and become a network of seven connected islands. On the other hand, the group of four islets known as Dubai Islands, formerly called Deira Islands, is presently undergoing development.

Palm Jebel Ali

Community Overview 

  Sheikh His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has approved the redesigned development plan for Palm Jebel Ali, an upscale property by Nakheel Properties. It is anticipated that the futuristic master plan will house roughly 35,000 households. When the complex reopens in June 2023, there will be 80 hotels and resorts dispersed over the seven connected islands. It is a part of the D33 Dubai Economic Agenda; the completion date is not yet known.

  The thriving island development plans complement the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, which intends to boost public beaches by up to 400% by 2040, by adding 110 kilometres to Dubai’s coastline. The greatest amenities, infrastructure, and sustainable advancements will also be present. The energy required for public facilities will come from renewable sources to the tune of about 30%.

Palm Jebel Ali Dubai Properties

  When the futuristic plan is completed, 16 fronds will be revealed, adding 91 kilometres of waterfront and three points of entrance to the man-made island. There will be a range of beachfront residential properties on Palm Jebel Ali Islands, including opulent villas, townhomes, and flats. The Beach and Coral Collection, two of Nakheel’s iconic villa collections in Palm Jebel Ali Dubai, are available in eight distinct architectural styles. Real estate investors have shown a rapid interest in Palm Jebel Ali, as seen by sales transactions for properties there.

The Beach Collection

Palm Jebel Ali

  Beach villas with five or six bedrooms that come in eight different configurations per frond:

Beach Villa TypeBed TypeCovered Area (Sq. Ft.)
Blue Horizon6-Bed7,316.01
Indigo Ocean5-Bed7,882.63
Tropical Mist6-Bed7,798.45
Azure Blue5-Bed8,434.38

Sales Trends In Palm Jebel Ali

  The Palm Jebel Ali project’s villa pricing patterns are as follows:

Villa TypeAverage Sale Price in AED

Villas for Sale in Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jebel Ali

  Prices for five-bedroom homes in Palm Jebel Ali typically begin around AED 3 million. AED 17 million is typically spent on a 6-bed villa in Palm Jebel Ali, whilst AED 110 million is spent on a more opulent 7-bed and 7+ bedroom property. For further details, have a look at the Palm Jebel Ali homes that have sold in the previous 12 months.

  Compared to other property categories, Palm Jebel Ali apartment buying options are currently limited. The approximate cost of a five-bedroom seaside apartment with 7,883 square feet of covered space is AED 18 million.

Palm Jebel Ali Islands Hotels

  There will be 80 opulent beach resorts and hotels in Palm Jebel Ali, Dubai, similar to Atlantis, The Palm on Palm Jumeirah. In addition, the project is located 15 minutes from the JA Beach Hotel in Mina Al Arab.

Nearby Areas

  Handheld Jebel Ali is located far from the city’s bustle. This isolated island is going to develop into a self-sufficient mixed-use neighbourhood. To provide a simple journey, bridges will connect it to Jebel Ali’s core. There is a direct connection between Jebel Ali Port, Jebel Ali Village, and Jebel Ali Free Zone Area (JAFZA). The Jebel Ali Hills neighbourhood of Dubai is also nearby. Nearby, there is a residential neighbourhood called Dubai Waterfront with townhouses and apartments. The two most famous Dubai Waterfront subdistricts are Badrah and Veneto.

Restaurants In Palm Jebel Ali

  Palm Jebel Ali will feature both foreign and local restaurants, just like Palm Jumeirah. Mina Jebel Ali, which is likewise brimming with culinary possibilities, will become accessible once the infrastructure is completed. Fine dining restaurants will also be available throughout the island’s parks, hotels, and resorts.

Beaches In Palm Jebel Ali Dubai

  Direct access to Palm Jebel Ali Dubai’s beaches is provided by certain residences. Family-friendly recreation centres will be located along the sandy beaches. Also, a 16-minute drive from the complex is Jebel Ali Beach, which is accessible to residents.

Leisure activities and notable landmarks

 A wide range of recreational opportunities and iconic sites are guaranteed for future inhabitants and tourists thanks to the master plan’s inclusion of eighty hotels and resorts on Palm Jebel Ali.

  The closest and most well-known location for immersive entertainment experiences in the area is currently Dubai Parks and Resorts, which is located near Palm Jebel Ali. A wide range of interests is catered to by its diverse assortment of theme parks, which include Motiongate Dubai, Riverland Dubai, Legoland Dubai, and Legoland Water Park. Explore a waterfront promenade with food and entertainment options at Riverland Dubai, immerse yourself in the world of Hollywood blockbusters, and enjoy interactive Lego-themed attractions.

Outdoor Activities, Fitness, and Beauty

  Palm Jebel Ali’s main draw is its vibrant coastal lifestyle. There will be extensive running, bicycling, and walking pathways throughout the town. In addition to the enormous themed waterpark, there will be kid-friendly community playgrounds. Locals can spend the evenings at the barbecue areas or take walks on the beach.

Things to Consider

  The building project is currently in progress. The neighbourhood has not yet reached its full potential. However, taking into account the master plan and other Palm Islands developments, it is projected that, when the Palm Jebel Ali project is finished, it will have a variety of opulent homes available for purchase or rental.


How many Palm Island Projects are There In Dubai?

  Dubai is home to three palm island projects, which are as follows:

  • Palm Jebel Ali
  • Dubai Islands
  • Palm Jumeirah

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