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Dubai nol cards: Dhs350 million improvements underway

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 The Road and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) recently declared that they will be modernising the current nol card system. The nol card-based ticketing system will now be an account-based digital ticketing system thanks to the latest upgrade.  Part of the RTA's plans to establish Dubai as a leader in digital transformation, this new project, which has attracted Dhs350 million in investment, is in line with the best worldwide practices. What impact will this have on my nol card?  To provide a smooth travel experience from beginning to end, the project will operate as a digital payment system that will serve as a transport fare wallet. It will be a one-stop shop for route planning, booking, and pre-payment. A variety of packages, including the option to reserve tickets for fam...
How to get a Nol card in Dubai?

How to get a Nol card in Dubai?

Nol Card, Transport
Nol card Guide 2023, Dubai Dubai has a very advanced public transportation system that tries to make life easier and more comfortable for its citizens. . Nol cards are frequently used in Dubai to make it simple for people to pay for various forms of public transportation, such as the metro, bus, and RTA cab. Customers using Nol cards must check in and check out their cards at various electronic gates at metro stations or electronic bus terminals. The ability to top up cards online is the Nol cards' finest feature. You may purchase or top up your Nol card at the ticket offices and ticket vending machines in every metro and bus station. How to get a Nol card in Dubai? You can purchase your Nol card in a variety of ways. All stations of the Dubai Metro and some of the Dubai Bus sta...