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How to get a Nol card in Dubai?

Nol card Guide 2023, Dubai

Dubai has a very advanced public transportation system that tries to make life easier and more comfortable for its citizens. . Nol cards are frequently used in Dubai to make it simple for people to pay for various forms of public transportation, such as the metro, bus, and RTA cab.

Customers using Nol cards must check in and check out their cards at various electronic gates at metro stations or electronic bus terminals. The ability to top up cards online is the Nol cards’ finest feature. You may purchase or top up your Nol card at the ticket offices and ticket vending machines in every metro and bus station.

How to get a Nol card in Dubai?

You can purchase your Nol card in a variety of ways.

  • All stations of the Dubai Metro and some of the Dubai Bus stations have ticket booths where you can make purchases.
  • Some Ticket Vending Machines sell Dubai’s Nol Red Tickets and Nol Silver Cards.
  • Nol Silver Cards are available via RTA Customer Service Centers and RTA-authorised sales representatives in Dubai.
  • Online retailers provide Nol blue cards.

How to check your Dubai NOL Card Balance

  • On the page, click the Check NOL Balance box (button).
  • On the website, enter the TAG ID for the NOL Card that can be located on the card’s back.
  • To view the balance on your NOL Card, click the Search button.

Types of Nol Cards in Dubai

If you frequently use the Nol card, you should exercise extra caution. To avoid inconveniences, always keep an eye on the balance of your card. Let’s examine the various categories of Dubai Nol cards in more depth.

1.Silver Nol Card

The Silver Nol Card card costs 25 AED. This cost includes 19 AED that has already been loaded. We strongly advise purchasing this card if you visit Dubai for more than five days and plan to tour the city.

     Benefits of the Silver Nol Card

  • This card works with all forms of transportation.
  • Five years are allowed on the silver Nol card.
  • For an additional 110 AED, a weekly pass is also available with a Silver Nol card.

2. Gold Card

Similar to the Silver Nol Card, the Gold Nol Card is also. The Gold Nol Card is priced at 25 AED and has a preloaded balance of 19 AED, just like the Silver Nol Card. The Gold Nol Card, which grants access to Metro’s Gold Class cabin, is an anomaly, as each trip results in a somewhat higher debit than the Silver Nol Card.

     Benefits of the Gold Nol Card

  • use of seats in the Gold Class of the Metro
  • All forms of transportation accept this card.
  • 5 year period of validity

3. Red Nol Card

For infrequent travellers, the Red Nol Card is best. The Red Nol Card is a paper ticket, unlike other Nol Cards. This card costs 2 AED, and you can load exactly the right amount for the journey. Any ticket vending machine will have the Red Nol Card available.

     Benefits of the Red Nol Card

  • The low ticket cost
  • Can be bought whenever you want from a ticket vending machine.
  • Up to 10 single trips may be loaded into this.
  • This ticket can only currently be used on one type of transportation at once.

4. Blue Nol Card

The Blue Nol Card costs 110 AED, making it more advantageous for locals to use than tourists.


Nol Card Dubai for tourist

Passes are available for a day, a week, a month, three months, and a year. Visitors, however, are only eligible for one-day and seven-day passes. On the Red Nol Card, one-day permits are available for 20 AED. The Red Nol Card can be topped off with up to five one-day passes, but each pass must be purchased on the day of travel and is only good until midnight on the day of purchase.

For 110 AED, Silver and Gold Nol Cards offer seven-day passes.

Only a registered Blue Nol Card, Silver Nol Card, or Gold Nol Card may be used to purchase the remaining passes. Only residents may purchase Blue Nol Cards.

How to recharge a Nol card

The steps for recharging a Nol card online are as follows:

  • Enter the NOL ID number where it is asked for and select the desired amount.
  • Check the total and pay online.
  • After recharging, wait 45 minutes to 4 hours for the money to be available on your Nol card, and then use your card at any nearby metro entrance or online parking metre to activate the recharge you just made.

How to recharge a Nol card online?

Using the Nol card repeatedly can cause you to run a little low on funds, but by following these easy steps, you can simply recharge your Nol card online without leaving your house. However, take note of the following:

  • Under 7.5 AED, you cannot recharge.
  • The maximum recharge is 1000 AED for unregistered cards.
  • The maximum recharge limit is 5000 AED for registered cards.

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How much credit do I need on my Nol card?

Dubai Metro fares are computed based on the type of ticket being used and the zones. Keep a minimum balance of 7.50 AED on your card and adhere to the price guidelines above.

Can I get a refund for the remaining balance on my Nol card?

The only card that enables refund applications is a Blue Nol card. It’s a good idea only to top up the amount you anticipate using if you want to utilise any of the other cards.

Does Nol also work in Abu Dhabi?

The Intercity buses that travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi accept the Nol card as payment. But you can’t use your Nol to ride public transportation in Abu Dhabi; you need a Hafialt Smart Card.


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