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The 3rd UAE China Auto Equipment Exhibition in 2024

About the event

TDD Worldwide News: The 3rd UAE China Auto Equipment Exhibition in 2024 will be hosted by TDD Global, the core subsidiary of Guolian Corporation. 150 companies have already signed up, and we look forward to having you join us!

“The 3rd UAE China Auto Equipment Exhibition in 2024″ is being organised by Shandong Zhongzhan International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. and will be held at the Sharjah Exhibition Centre in the United Arab Emirates from May 27 to 29. Co-hosted by Guolian Corporation TDD (Qingdao) Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd., Shandong Port Overseas Supply Chain (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., and Hualun Internet Technology (Dubai) Co., Ltd. More than 150 businesses have already enrolled and are eager for you to join them.

Based on the UAE auto equipment (tyres, auto components, and cars) overseas warehousing initiative, the UAE China Auto Equipment Exhibition is an independent professional show organised by Chinese businesses. Nearly ten thousand professionals and buyers from the tyre and auto parts industries in the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, and South Asia are anticipated to attend and visit the 10,000-square-metre exhibition. Additionally, over 100 reputable domestic and international media outlets will monitor and report on the event. 

The People’s Republic of China Consulate General in Dubai’s Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Dubai and Sharjah, Pakistan (Dubai) Chamber of Commerce, Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, Henan Provincial Department of Commerce, Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce, Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Qingdao Area of China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Abu Dhabi Ports Group, Abu Dhabi KEZAD Industrial Zone, Dubai NAKHEEEL Group, and other units have all provided significant support for the exhibition.

The China Auto Equipment Exhibition and Sales Centre in the United Arab Emirates, along with the overseas warehouse of Chinese tyres, auto parts, and vehicles, serve as the foundation for this exhibition, which integrates the entire industrial chain process, including international exhibitions, round-the-clock services for the exhibition and sales centre, precise invitations and negotiations both online and offline, full logistics, distribution, supply chain industry-finance services, and the operation and promotion of vertical e-commerce platforms. This facilitates the creation of new cross-border projects combining exhibition and trade, directly supports China’s auto equipment enterprises, and achieves the enhancement of Made in China’s market share and digital influence.

Based in the coating chemical industry, TDD is the main subsidiary of Guolian Corporation (603613. SH). It offers e-commerce, digital supply chain, and industrial big data services to businesses in the industry, with TDD-GLOBAL acting as the carrier. The company is actively expanding its industrial chains to foreign markets, as well as the “Belt and Road” industrial chain and supply chain operation. It is dedicated to generating value for the development of cross-border markets and the collaborative efficiency improvement of global industrial chains based on digital transactions and digital supply chain services.

TDD GLOBAL is a key facilitator of Guolian Duoduo’s cross-border platform operation and is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to multinational industrial chain firms by building multilingual platforms. To improve the efficiency of cross-border transactions and digital supply chain services, the platform reconstructs the industrial chain and supply chain based on the digital operation of cross-border transactions. It also realises data sharing and process integration of nine key operation nodes, including customs, taxation, foreign exchange, policies, commerce, port, shipping, warehouse, and finance. Currently, the platform primarily offers services in the following directions to users worldwide:

  1. Cross-border digital transaction services: Using independent e-commerce + matchmaking e-commerce services, offer global enterprise users a one-stop shop for cross-border digital procurement and sales solutions.
  2. Cross-border digital supply chain services: Establish a system of cross-border digital supply chain services based on foreign digital factories, foreign exhibition halls, foreign digital cloud warehouses (such as foreign shared warehouses and foreign frontal warehouses), and digital shipping line matching. 
  3. Cross-border industrial big data services: The platform offers users multi-dimensional cross-border industrial big data services, including product pricing index, industrial research report, and industry report, based on the precipitation of cross-border operation data. To support global industrial enterprise users through multilingual platform development, TDD GLOBAL will later concentrate on building seven operation centres in the Middle East, Central Asia, Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe as well as fifty global central warehouses centred around one platform.

About the UAE market

Thanks to its liberal economic policies, strategic position, and well-developed infrastructure, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as the financial and economic heart of the Middle East, as well as the region’s major transportation and trade distribution hub. It can radiate up to 2 billion people, covering the Gulf region (Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, etc.), Eastern Europe (Russia and other CIS countries), Africa (Nigeria in Spain, Egypt in North Africa, etc.), South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, etc.), and Africa (Nigeria in Spain).


Who can participate in the exhibition?

The exhibition is open to companies and professionals involved in various aspects of the automotive equipment industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, researchers, and service providers from both the UAE and China.

Are there sponsorship opportunities available?

Yes, there are sponsorship opportunities available for companies looking to enhance their visibility and reach within the automotive equipment industry. Details regarding sponsorship packages will be available on the official website.

Is there onsite parking available at the venue?

Yes, onsite parking facilities will be available for the convenience of attendees and exhibitors.

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