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Alsaada/happiness card

Alsaada/happiness card: Dubai has become one of the most sought-after travel destinations worldwide thanks to its endless retail malls, world-class events, breathtaking monuments, and an abundance of activities. Visitors may get fantastic deals, promotions, and discounts in Dubai with the ALSAADA Tourist Card. 

What is the Dubai Happiness Card?

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs has published the Dubai Happiness Card, also known as the ALSAADA Tourist Card, which will be given to all visitors arriving in Dubai at no cost. During their time in Dubai, all tourists will receive exclusive discounts, promotions, and many other benefits from the card.

How to get and use the Alsaada Card In Dubai

Here’s how to use the ALSAADA card in Dubai and make use of all its many benefits:

  • All travellers will receive the ALSAADA Tourist Card bundle at Dubai International Airport’s passport desks.
  • DXB travellers will scan a barcode at the ALSAADA counters to download the ALSAADA tourist app.
  • Following a successful installation, the app will ask the user to provide information to create a smart card in the visitor’s name, such as their passport number and the date of arrival in Dubai.
  • To take advantage of sales, promotions, discounts, and bargains, use the card anywhere in Dubai.
  • Information about exclusive deals and discounts provided by AL SAADA card partners will also be available on the app.

How to get and use the Alsaada Card In Dubai

Where to get a Dubai Happiness Card?

The Happiness Card is available at Dubai International Airport passport counters. You must download the ALSAADA app from the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone to scan a barcode and receive the card.

What are the benefits of the Happiness Card?

The Happiness Card offers the following advantages:

  • Discounts on vacation and tourism-related brands.
  • Save money on reservations at the best eateries in the city and have a fantastic dining experience.
  • Fantastic discounts on cosmetics and services for health and beauty.
  • Exclusive offers from exchanges and banks.
  • Discounts on car rentals.
  • Covers communications and technology.
  • Fantastic discounts and offers on premium fashion brands at malls.
  • Savings when purchasing online.
  • Exclusive deals on necessities for the house.
  • Discounts on the city’s entertainment alternatives.
  • Discounts on parties and weddings.

Discounts on Al Saada Tourist Card

ALSAADA cardholders are eligible for a wide range of discounts while using the “Happiness Card” in Dubai. Take pleasure in everything that follows:

  • Discounts on travel and tourism brands.
  • Enjoy a memorable dining experience with discounts on top restaurants in the city.
  • Great deals on health and beauty services and products.
  • Special promotions by banks and exchanges.
  • Discount on renting vehicles.
  • Deals on technology and communications.
  • Great offers and sales at malls on top fashion brands.
  • Discounts on online shopping.
  • Special offers on home essentials.
  • Discounts for weddings and events.

You may check the offer information in the map view and see what discounts are available by touching the pointer icon and zooming into the places you want to visit or stay at. Offerings can also be filtered based on audience, city, discount, industry, views, and other variables.

Alsaada/happiness card


Who is Eligible For AlSaada Cards?

ALSAADA cards are available to visitors and tourists while they are in Dubai.

Where to get an Alsaada Card for Tourist in Dubai?

All visitors to Dubai can obtain the ALSAADA card upon arrival at the Dubai International Airport. When the cardholder departs the emirate, the card will expire, but a new one will be issued when you return. Knowing the prohibited things at DXB airport is also beneficial for a positive experience.

Which Time is Best for Shopping in Dubai?

The winter months, when it’s colder outside, are the ideal times to go shopping in Dubai. In addition to the very lovely weather, that time of year offers a plethora of amazing offers and discounts.

Is Dubai Worth Visiting?

One of the world’s trendiest travel destinations is Dubai. There are plenty of things to do in Dubai, including exhilarating excursions, family-friendly attractions, enormous retail malls, and many entertainment venues.

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