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SPEA Participates in Emirates Schools and Nurseries Exhibition

SPEA Participates in Emirates Schools and Nurseries Exhibition

Taking place at the Expo Centre Sharjah from April 19 to 21, the second edition of the Emirates Schools and Nurseries Exhibition is scheduled to include the Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) as a key partner. Private schools, nurseries, as well as certain government and semi-government organisations in the emirate, will all be actively participating in the event.

To promote the expansion of the education sector, the three-day exhibition provides a significant and all-encompassing forum for direct connection and interaction between educational institutions and the general public. The event is significant because it gives parents and children the chance to learn more about a variety of educational alternatives and prospects. 

SPEA Participates in Emirates Schools and Nurseries Exhibition

The participating educational institutions will inform students and parents about potential educational opportunities by providing in-depth presentations on their curricula, teaching strategies, and advantages.

Numerous educational and training programmes, extracurricular activities, and opportunities for knowledge and experience sharing will all be featured at the exhibition. Attendees will also be able to take advantage of the skills and services provided by the education and training specialists taking part in the event. The exhibition will also feature a range of artistic and cultural events geared towards students.

The Director of SPEA, Mr Ali Al Hosani, emphasised the authority’s involvement as a strategic partner and emphasised the role and significance of these exhibitions and events in showcasing efforts to develop the education sector in line with the best international standards to achieve success.

He applauded the exhibition’s inaugural success and reaffirmed its critical role in strengthening community collaborations by giving the public and educational institutions a forum for dialogue and information sharing. He also praised the broad involvement of educational institutions in the show and their efforts to assist students, as well as the sector’s continued expansion and advancement towards a more advanced educational future.

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