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Nol card updates

Nol card updates: A new, higher minimum top-up amount for your Nol card has been announced by Dubai. The minimum top-up for Nol cards is increasing significantly, according to a tweet from RTA. This increase also applies to individuals who top up at ticket offices.

Nol is currently undergoing yet another major update, this time switching to an account-based approach that makes use of central wallet technology. According to a senior source cited by Khaleej Times, the ambitious AED 350 million project is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2025 and will roll out gradually.

So What’s The New Amount?

Well, starting on Monday, January 15th, passengers using the bus or metro in Dubai will need to pay at least AED 20 to top off their Nol cards at the official ticket office. AED 5 is now the lowest cost for a top-up for a Nol card. This is when the previously mentioned twist enters the picture. The trick is to top off your Nol card online rather than at the ticket office at the Metro station. You can still top off your card for just AED 5. Fortunately, there are numerous options to top off your Nol card online.



Where Can I Top-Up My Nol Card Online?

To keep up with the minimum top-up payment of AED 5, you can utilise these online payment options:

  1. Nol Pay App: On-the-Go Topping Up Made Simple

Make use of the Nol Pay app for a flawless mobile experience. compatible with the majority of Android and iPhone smartphones. Simply follow these steps to get your NOI card topped off and ready to go: tap, hold, enter.

  1. Dubai Now App: A Gateway to 170+ Services

Your passcode for more than 170 government services, including noI card top-ups, is the Dubainow app. To easily recharge your card, log in with your UAE Pass account, select “bills,” then “noI,” and then follow the instructions.

  1. Careem App: Beyond Rides – Topping Up Simplified

You can now use the Careem app to replenish your Nol card. Simply go to “Bills and Recharge.”

  1. Recharge With Your Banking App

Don’t worry if you dislike having too many apps on your phone! Adding credit to your Nol card is simple and may be done using your banking app. The banking application process is simple for customers of Emirates NBD, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), or Emirates Islamic, and it just costs an additional AED 1.

  1. Your Local Grocery Store

Surprisingly, RTA has dispersed top-up agents throughout the city. Numerous of them can be found in the mini-marts, cafeterias, and grocery stores in your area. Find the closest one using the RTA top-up agents map, then refuel without difficulty.

  1. Petrol Stations: Fuel Up, Top Up

Why not multitask the next time you’re at the pump in an ENOC, EPPCO, or Zoom store? Fill up your car with petrol and top off your Nol card at the same time for a quick and easy method to keep your card and automobile in good working order.

  1. RTA Website: Digital Ease at Your Fingertips

Recharge your noI card via the RTA website to embrace the digital age. Choose the amount (minimum AED 7.50, maximum AED 1,000), validate your registered email address, enter your noI tag ID, and finish the transaction. The RTA Dubai app is the best option if you’re a mobile app lover.

  1. Solar-Powered Convenience: Bus Stop Top-Up Machines

Look for solar top-up units, which are sold at specific bus stops. These machines keep you moving and are helpful, but they only accept cash.

  1. S’Hail App: More Than Just Navigation

Not only is S’Hail your go-to navigation app for Dubai, but it can also manage noI card top-ups. Proceed to the ‘Top up nol card’ section on the homepage, input your email address and nol tag ID, and complete the payment process with ease.

Exclusive Perks with Nol Plus

Good news for all of you: Nol Plus is your golden ticket to an incredible loyalty and rewards programme. RTA launched this awesome initiative just for owners of Nol cards. You gain points each time you swipe your card to pay for parking, taxis, buses, or the Dubai Metro. What do you gain from these points? Extra advantages, naturally! You have the option to add money to your Nol account or get discounts at particular eateries.

NOI Card

Nol’s Facial Recognition Feature

Modern technology will be incorporated into the upgraded system, such as artificial intelligence and facial recognition. As of right now, Nol users must have a physical or digital card, and this need will not change even after the new system is put into place. But the update offers a digital payment system built on centralised transit fare wallet technology, introducing the idea of an account that may be connected to one or more cards. A key component of the updated system will be the storage of electronic tickets and documents, digital wallets, and online services for electronic payments.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, Mattar Al Tayer, outlined some of the novel aspects of the new system, such as its ability to facilitate reservation, prepayment, and itinerary planning using smart channels. In addition, the system will offer family and group ticketing as well as integrated packages that include a variety of services.


What can I use the Nol Card for?

The Nol Card is a smart card that can be used to pay for several RTA transit options in Dubai, such as the Dubai Metro, buses, water buses and Dubai Tram. Convenience shop purchases and RTA Paid Parking can also be made using it.

What types of Nol Cards are available?

Nol Cards come in four varieties: Red Ticket, Silver, Gold, and Blue. The Red Ticket is designated for tourists and visitors, the Silver for regular travellers, the Gold for passengers wishing to use the Gold Class, and the Blue for regular travellers who wish to protect their credit.

Where can I buy the Nol Card?

Nol Cards are available for purchase at RTA Customer Service Centres, selected bus stops, Dubai Metro Stations, and convenience stores.

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