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Sharjah National Park

Sharjah National Park is the best site in the city if you’re looking for broad fields, quiet picnic areas, activities the whole family may enjoy. The Sharjah National Park is a popular place for residents, visitors, and expats to go for walks and picnics because of its stunning natural beauty. Just what is it that park goers can do there? Well, let’s discover.

No trip to Sharjah is complete without checking out the Sharjah National Park, which spans a whopping 640,000 square meters and is not to be missed. Even though Sharjah National Park was established to provide a public park for residents and visitors.

Now boasts many additional features and attractions. The area has been designed to display harmony between classical Arab heritage and modern European aesthetics.

Adventures at Sharjah’s National Park

  • This Park, unlike most others, provides enough entertainment options to warrant a night’s stay for any family. The Park attracts locals and tourists because anyone can come and enjoy it. 
  • The Park is perfect for low-cost fun because it has everything from a duck pond to a sports field equipped with slides and swings for kids. If you’ve never been to this park before, you can expect the following:
  • Areas for Barbecuing: The Park features a designated barbeque area where visitors may enjoy a meal or a picnic with their family and friends at one of the many open-air or covered picnic tables and use one of the many available grills. 
  • Those who enjoy cycling will find many paths suitable for jogging and cycling around the park. Therefore, we hope you fully enjoy your trip.
  • Children can play under the shade of a canopy without worrying about the harmful effects of the sun. Kids love playing on the multi-coloured jungle gym, swings, and teeter-totters in playgrounds. Many children’s first visit to a water park is to the one in Sharjah’s national Park.
  • Additionally, some cafeterias serve delicious meals and snacks. Additional features of the park include a mosque and a place for women to pray. The Park also features numerous paths ideal for jogging and cycling, as discussed above.

Also, be mindful of the restrictions.

The Park is open to all visitors, but you’re more likely to see families than anybody else. A code of conduct board and other rules are prominently displayed near the entrance.

Many fun activities await you but keep in mind that contact sports such as football are not allowed on the premises. Please keep in mind that this Park is not dog-friendly before planning to bring your canine companion here.

Overall, a great Sharjah treasure that many families have relied on for years when looking for a fun way to spend the evening together. It has been around for quite some time, and the older it gets, the better—beautiful scenery with lots of trees and grass to relax you.


All of Sharjah’s parks have undergone extensive maintenance by the city government to provide the finest possible services to the public. These parks now have amenities, including children’s rides, sports courts, seats, and green spaces.

With more than fifty parks scattered across the city’s residential sections, four public parks, and two more large parks set to open soon, Sharjah has earned the nickname “Park City.”


During the week and on yearly holidays, families go to Sharjah National Park, one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Emirates. To enjoy the Park’s magnificent landscapes and receive some much-needed relaxation.

You and your kids can explore the most well-known tourist attractions, from museums to amusement parks to shopping malls and all while gaining valuable knowledge and capturing unforgettable images.

What time does the zoo open and close at Sharjah National Park?

From Sunday through Wednesday, hours are 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Thursday through Saturday.


How many national parks are there in Dubai?

Ans – It is impossible to think of Dubai without picturing the Burj Khalifa and the other impressive buildings that the city is so happy to show off. Nonetheless, most of us have yet to discover Dubai’s seedier side.

Is there a Disneyland in Dubai?

Ans – Although the concept work is dated and Disney has made no official announcements about developing a resort in Dubai, it is fascinating to imagine what might have been. Images show a massive, sweeping castle, rounded turrets reminiscent of Agrabah. Evocative of the European-style Disney mansions famous in the United States.

Why is the UAE a beautiful country?

Ans – The United Arab Emirates is both a wonderful place to visit and a very secure place to live. The United Arab Emirates is a model of cultural harmony. Where people of many various backgrounds can enjoy the best of both traditional, contemporary Eastern and Western practices. The world’s most progressive countries, including the United States, would be proud of such an action.

What makes people in the UAE happy?

Ans – The United Arab Emirates is indeed one of the region’s happiest countries in large part due to its widespread tolerance of different faiths.

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