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SAIF ZONE offers total ownership in a designated free zone along with alluring tax-friendly benefits in an unrivalled strategic location. SAIF ZONE offers a wealth of opportunities for networking and collaboration, with every aspect carefully planned and backed by strong service support, allowing you to concentrate entirely on expanding your company.

Why Choose SAIF Zone?

Serving a wide spectrum of enterprises looking for a quick, easy, and hassle-free working environment, SAIF Zone offers itself as the best place to start a business in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. State-of-the-art amenities are provided in the zone, such as equipped and air-conditioned executive suites with reception services, four-sized pre-built warehouses with office spaces attached, and leased land for unmonitored private construction. Bunkers, a parking place for containers, and temporary storage spaces are also provided by SAIF Zone.

We can quickly set up your business in as little as two days as we are a SAIF Zone-endorsed Business Consultant and Channel Partner. This means that the process will go smoothly and you will get the best deals.


Benefits of SAIF Zone Company Formation

  1. 100% foreign ownership and unrestricted financial repatriation.
  2. Zero personal income tax and a low corporate tax system.
  3. Exemption from all import and export taxes in full.
  4. Facilities for commerce, import, export, packaging, assembly, manufacturing, and other value-added services.
  5. Numerous facilities are available at affordable prices.
  6. Processing of the company registration with the FreeZoneMarket Team is expedited.
  7. Sponsorship of investor and staff visas.
  8. Facilities for commerce, import, export, packaging, assembly, manufacturing, and other value-added services.

Type of licenses in SAIF Zone

Commercial license: A maximum of three comparable product lines may be imported, exported, distributed, consolidated, stored, or warehousing under the terms of the Standard Commercial Licence. You can apply for a general trading licence under a commercial licence, which enables your company to sell a wide range of goods.

Service license: A service licence holder can only perform the services that are listed in the licence. Unless specifically prohibited by federal or municipal authorities, all services are permitted.

Industrial license: Importing raw materials, producing, processing, assembling, packing, and exporting the final product are all included in this.

Required documents for Sharjah Company Formation – SAIF Zone

  • Passport copy of shareholder & Manager
  • High resolution Passport size photo of shareholder & Manager
  • Visa & Emirates ID copy of shareholder & Manager ( If applicable)
  • Name of the Manager
  • Residence address of shareholder & Manager
  • 3 Proposed names of the company by order
  • Business activities details
  • Utility bill of shareholder & Manager
  • Email address and mobile number of shareholder & Manager

Sharjah Free Zone Company Setup cost – SAIF Zone

SAIF Office – Starting from AED 10,800

A fully equipped, reasonably priced room with cutting-edge technology and phone systems that is available for non-shared, 24-hour use. Perfect for advisory services. Quota for 3 Visas Included.

SAIF Executive Office – Starting from AED 15,650

An advanced IT/telecommunications infrastructure, air conditioning, water, electricity, and full customisation are included in the cost of this unfurnished, fully customisable facility. Perfect for business and advisory services. Includes quota of five visas

SAIF Suite – Starting from AED 28,650

A fully equipped office with cutting-edge IT and telecoms infrastructure, along with an executive suite. Perfect for business centre services, secretarial work, and commercial service and consulting firms. The quota includes 8 visas.

The legal documents issued after the Company’s formation in Sharjah

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Trade License
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Share Certificate
  • Lease Agreement

Cost of residence visa in Sharjah Free Zone – SAIF

Employment Residence visa (Owner / Partner – 3 years): AED AED 3,850

Emirates ID (2 Years): AED390

Medical check: AED 400 Normal | VIP AED 850

Employment Residence visa (Employee – 2 years) AED 3,350

Additional Cost to be considered

Company Immigration card (3 years) AED 1,575

Immigration Pre-Approval AED 250

E-Channel Registration Fee (Includes AED 2525 refundable Deposit):  AED 4,625


Trade License Renewal

Your business counsellor can renew the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone firm remotely. To process the renewal and issue the new licence, the authority requires the signature of the new lease agreement and payment of the annual fee.


What is a free zone?

A free zone, often known as a free trade zone, is a specified geographical area inside each emirate. It might exist as a result of several nations coming to an amicable arrangement to establish a customs-free zone in a certain location. The absence of taxes and customs in the free zone makes it an essential tool for fostering trade, particularly in the import and export of a wide range of goods.

What companies can be a part of the SAIF Zone?

The SAIF Zone is perfect for all kinds of commercial, service, and industrial enterprises. The type of business is more important than its size.

What is the infrastructure available?

Investors at SAIF Zone have access to top-notch facilities. To maximise efficiency in terms of document issuance and licence issuing, it operates under a “one-window” model. Use pre-built offices and warehouses, as well as parking places for containers in various sizes.

Do I need a local partner to invest in the SAIF Zone?

No, the foreigner’s exclusive proprietorship is unrestricted. You might be the sole proprietor of your company.

Are the SAIF Zone offices and warehouses secure?

In the area, we offer security services around the clock. You can speak with the control room if you have any special needs.

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