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New Flight Experience to Offer Views of Desert, Sea, Mountains at 400kmph Speeds

 The price and duration of aerobatic flight manoeuvres, which include loops, rolls, and vertical climbs up to 3,000 feet, are all that you should be aware of. Real face-pulling G-forces as you roll and rise; speeds of up to 400 mph; and 360-degree panoramic vistas of the breathtaking coastline, desert, and mountains: Take part in Ras Al Khaimah’s inaugural commercial aerobatic flight in the United Arab Emirates.

  Since receiving regulatory licence a few weeks ago, ActionFlight, an aviation adventure tourism company, has conducted a few dozen commercial aerobatic flights, according to Wayne Jack, director of Flight Operations and CEO/founder.

New Flight Experience to Offer Views of Desert, Sea, Mountains at 400kmph Speeds

  Depending on Air Traffic Control directions, aircraft taking off from the RAK International Airport speed past the shoreline between Marjan Island, Cove Rotana, and Al Rams at a height of 2,000–6,000 feet.

  Loops and rolls, hammerheads, avalanches, inverted flights, and vertical ascents of up to 3,000 feet are among the manoeuvres available.

  With G-forces ranging from +4 (four times the force of gravity) to -2 (the impression of weightlessness), climb rates can exceed 400 mph.

  Two EXTRA 330s, the same model that launched the Red Bull Air race championship, are flown by the company. The aircraft, which are frequently referred to as “the Ferrari of the skies,” are made especially for highly skilled competitive aerobatics. They have certified constraints of plus or minus 10G for load factor. The pilot will speak with the passengers during the flight to customise the experience to their comfort levels.

Prices, duration

  Aerobatic flights run for about 20 minutes and cost Dh2,399 each. It takes roughly three hours to complete the process, including the travel to the airport, the flight briefing, and the fitting of the flight suit.

  The pilot gives a thorough briefing before takeoff, setting the stage for the experience. Before boarding, passengers are then outfitted with a flying suit and a headset or helmet.

   The first flights depart at 7 a.m. and the final flight departs at 5 p.m. during the day.

Managing the Excitement

  The goal of the flying experience is to provide passengers with an exhilarating journey without alarming them. It is also an alternative for someone who would like a leisurely or merely scenic journey. However, that won’t occur if they wish to go all out.

  This is because people may find it difficult to cope with higher G-forces.

Get to know the pilots

  Currently serving as pilots are Jack and Pete Lindsay. One of Jack’s numerous previous jobs was piloting a ski plane to land visitors on the glaciers of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. The aerobatic pilot has had an 11-year relationship with the Red Bull brand.

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