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Dubai road improvement project announced

Dubai RTA Announces a Project to Make Roads Better

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced plans for a groundbreaking road improvement project that they hope will change the way people get around cities. This huge project is a key step toward changing the way people move around the city and making sure that everyone can easily connect, whether they are a resident or a visitor. 

Al Khail Improvement Project Given a Contract Worth Dhs700 Million

The RTA has made a huge decision by allocating over Dhs 700 million to start the Al Khail Improvement Project. This big investment shows that the authority is still dedicated to improving the emirate’s transportation system and starting a new era of ease of use and accessibility. 

Bridges spanning more than 3,000 meters across key points in the city are being carefully built as the foundation of this ambitious project. These amazing pieces of infrastructure are placed in a way that makes travel easy and uninterrupted, connecting different urban destinations. 

Coverage Along Al Khail Road

The project covers a huge 6,820-meter stretch along Al Khail Road and includes important places like Zabeel, Meydan, Al Quoz 1, Ghadeer Al Tair, and Jumeirah Village Circle. The goal of the initiative is to make these key areas more accessible and improve traffic flow for both residents and commuters by meeting important transportation needs. 


 A three-lane bridge spanning 700 meters, poised to accommodate a remarkable 4,800 vehicles per hour.

Meydan Street to Ras Al Khor Street

A two-lane bridge stretching 610 meters, capable of supporting 3,200 vehicles per hour.

Al Quoz 1:

 A 650-meter two-lane bridge at the intersections between Al Meydan Street and Al Waha Street, serving as a vital conduit for traffic towards Abu Dhabi.

Latifa Bint Hamdan Street to Al Meydan Street: 

A 640-meter two-lane bridge supporting 3,200 vehicles per hour.

Jumeirah Village Circle: 

Plans include a two-lane bridge spanning 700 meters, linking Al Khail Road and Hessa Street.

Al Jaddaf :

Introducing a new lane on Al Khail Road to augment surface width and optimize traffic flow towards Deira.

Business Bay:

Adding an additional lane to Al Khail Road to enhance traffic efficiency and facilitate smoother ingress into the area.


At the time of construction of al Khail road ,we expected the traffic of the road was increase . and most of the roads will be blocked at the time of construction . Heavy vehicles from outside the city must be changed to another way.



When was the Al Khail Improvement Project open?

In 2012, RTA completed the Al Khail Road Improvement Project, But new transformation of Al Khail improvement project has expect to completed in 2026

A: The Dubai road improvement project

What is the Dubai road improvement project?

The Dubai road improvement project is a comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing the city’s road infrastructure, including expanding existing roads, building new ones, and implementing advanced traffic management systems.

What are some specific improvements planned as part of the project?

Specific improvements planned as part of the project include widening roads, constructing new flyovers ,interchanges, implementing smart traffic management systems,


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