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Abu Dhabi To Sharjah Bus

Bus 117 Route Map & Abu Dhabi To Sharjah Bus Timings

Bus route 117 From Abu Dhabi Bus Station To Sharjah Al Jubail Bus Station.

It has 4 stops which is departing from Abu Dhabi, Central Bus Station -01- and ending in Al Jubail Bus Stop.
Bus Timing is Every Monday to Sunday on 6.00AM to 12.00AM

Bus Fare From Abu Dhabi

 A one-way ticket Price is just 25 AED.

How to register Sayer Card? Pls click the link.

Bus Route of Abu Dhabi To Sharjah

  1. Abu Dhabi, Central Bus Station – 01
  2. the Jazirat Umm an Nar stop
  3. Abu Dhabi, Shahama Village – 01
  4. Al Jubail Bus Station, Sharjah

For Queries:

For any suggestions on how you can make Public Transport better, please feel free to contact us on the following numbers:-

Roads & Transport Authority – Sharjah: 600 52 52 52

1. Can Nol card be used in Sharjah?
Yes,  Nol cards are also accepted.

Recharge Your Nol Card Click Here

How to get a Nol card?

The 309 bus route From al Quoz to Sharjah bus. It has 4 stops departing from Interchange-4 and ending in Al Rolla Terminal Sharjah.

3. what is the bus number from Rolla Sharjah To Al Qouz Dubai?Rolla Sharjah To Al Qouz Dubai bus number is 309


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