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Sharjah Bus Route 88 [Rolla – Al Saja’a]

Sharjah Bus Route 88 started from Rolla end to Al Saja’a. Sharjah Transport agency provides a Sharjah bus route 88 timing and map also it may surely to help to Dubai People. Bus Timing in Sharjah starts from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily. But bus timing has been changed slightly on Friday only.

Navigating the Heart of Sharjah: A Guide to Bus Route 88 (Rolla – Al Saja’a)

Bus route 88 in Sharjah serves as a vital artery, connecting the bustling commercial district of Rolla with the vibrant residential and industrial areas of Al Saja’a. This route caters to a diverse range of commuters, from residents travelling to work or school to those exploring the historical and cultural tapestry of Sharjah. This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies of bus route 88, providing valuable information for both seasoned riders and first-time users.

Understanding the Route

Bus route 88 operates between Rolla Square Bus Station and Al Saja’a Industrial Area. However, the route complexity lies in its designated stops and potential variations. Here’s a breakdown of the service:

  • Multiple Endpoints: While Al Saja’a Industrial Area is the designated endpoint, some variations of route 88 might terminate at Al Jubail Bus Terminal after servicing key areas within Al Saja’a.
  • Diverse Stops: The route winds through various areas, including Rolla, Al Qasba, Al Nahda, Industrial Area 1, Industrial Area 3, and Al Jubail. Consulting a route map or local authorities is crucial for understanding the specific stops catered to by your chosen variation.

Important Note: It’s essential to confirm the specific route variation operating from your chosen boarding point in Rolla to ensure you reach your desired destination in Al Saja’a.

Key Stops and Landmarks

Understanding the key stops along Route 88 can significantly enhance your travel experience:

  • Rolla:

    • Rolla Square Bus Station: The primary starting point, offering connections to various destinations within Sharjah and other emirates.
  • Al Qasba:

    • Al Qasba: A popular waterfront destination with restaurants, cafes, and entertainment options (depending on the route variation).
  • Al Nahda:

    • Al Nahda Roundabout: A central point within Al Nahda, offering connections to other bus routes within the area.
    • University City (on some route variations): A stop serving Sharjah University City.
  • Al Saja’a:

    • Industrial Area 1: A stop catering to workers and residents within the industrial zone (might be on some variations).
    • Industrial Area 3: Another stop serving the industrial zone (might be on some variations).
    • Al Jubail Bus Terminal (on some route variations): The final stop for some variations, offering connections to other bus routes within Sharjah.

Additional stops may exist along the route, particularly within the industrial areas. It’s advisable to consult a route map or local authorities for a comprehensive list.

Timings and Frequency

  • Operational Hours: Bus route 88 typically operates from early morning (around 6:00 AM) until late night (around 11:45 PM). However, exact timings can vary depending on the day of the week and passenger demand.
  • Frequency: Buses on Route 88 generally operate at a frequency of every 30-45 minutes. This frequency might be slightly lower during weekends or off-peak hours.

For the most up-to-date information on timings and frequency, it’s recommended to consult official sources provided by the Sharjah Directorate of Public Transport (


Standard fair: AED 8.00

Sayer Card: AED 6.00

Schedule of bus Timing and Map:

Schedule of bus Map:

Route 88

88 Bus Route 

88 bus route from Rolla To Sajaa Bus Station has 7 stops departing from Sharjah Rolla and ending in Sajaa Bus terminal.

88 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at Monday Timings:- 06:00 AM and Ending at 11:00 PM.

88 Bus Route

Route 88 is a key public transport bus route in Sharjah. The Sharjah bus route fare for this route is AED 8 for cash payment and AED 6 by Sayer card. The route includes different areas such as:

  • Al Rolla Terminal
  • Al Arouba Street
  • Abu Tina
  • Al Qassimi Street
  • Dhaid Road
  • Sharjah Airport Terminal
  • Al Saja’a Terminal 

88X  Bus Route

Route 88X has the same fare as Route 88 

  • Rolla Terminal
  • Jubail Terminal
  • Maliha Road
  • Wasit Street
  • Sharjah International Airport
  • Emirates Identity Authority
  • Al Rahmaniyah Area
  • Al Saja’a New Industrial Area
  • Al Saja’a Terminal

If you use the card and if you lose your card please call 600522282 and report your card’s serial number. The call centre agent will get the card within 48 hours to avoid misuse. Sure that you have registered your Card to this service.

For Queries:

For any suggestions on how you can make Public Transport better, please feel free to contact us on the following numbers.

Roads & Transport Authority – Sharjah: 600 52 52 52


Where does bus route 88 start and end?

The route generally operates between Rolla Square Bus Station and Al Saja’a Industrial Area. However, some variations might terminate at Al Jubail Bus Terminal after servicing key areas in Al Saja’a.

Are there different variations of the route?

Yes! Route 88 might have variations with different stopping points. It’s crucial to confirm the specific variation operating from your chosen boarding point to ensure you reach your desired destination.

How often do the buses come?

Buses generally arrive every 30-45 minutes, though frequency might be lower on weekends or off-peak hours.

What are some things to keep in mind while riding the bus?

Purchase a Nol Card for a smooth experience. Plan your trip using online tools or consult route maps to determine variations and stops. Be familiar with key stops and respectful to fellow passengers.

What can I explore in Sharjah using this route?

Depending on the route variation, you can explore Rolla’s vibrant atmosphere, visit Al Qasba’s waterfront (on some variations), or venture into Al Nahda and Al Saja’a’s residential and industrial areas.

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