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How to get gas connection in Sharjah

SEWA connection in Sharjah

SEWA has supplied piped natural gas for residential, commercial, and industrial applications in Sharjah City. Along with this new service, SEWA also arranges for converting stoves and ovens fired by LPG cylinders to the natural gas system supplied by Sharjah Gas. 

Distribution Networks, which provides service to the entirety of Sharjah. A project to replace gasoline with compressed natural gas (CNG) as a car fuel was also started by SEWA in February 2005. The project’s initial phase involved converting all of SEWA’s automobiles and trucks to run on CNG.

Call the Natural Gas Department Call Center: (06 5026660)

with any questions or in case of an emergency. Saturdays through Thursdays from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm.

Conditions for Construction Projects

  • Copy of the Love Plan
  • Two sets of gas connection drawings that have been signed off by the consultant and sealed

Specifications for Road Projects:

  • A letter outlining the necessary information for the required job from the relevant organization
  • Two sets of blueprints with names of routes and places and locations of the work required

Documents Needed by Contractors

  1. A replica of the Contractor’s correspondence with the concerned service department
  2. Letter from the Contractor describing the necessary information for the work that has to be done
  3. Two sets of blueprints indicating the location of the needed work and the names of the roads and regions

Building project specifications

  • Copy of the Love Plan
  • Letter of approval from the Sharjah Municipality

Conditions for Maintenance and Decorating Work

  • Customer’s account number
  • Copy of the Love Plan
  • Request from the Contractor, sealed and signed
  • A replica of the contactor’s business license
  • A copy of the commercial license for the store
  • Either gas connection installations must be made for establishments not linked to the piped gas system, or a contract with one of the authorized gas installation firms must be provided to complete the necessary installations.
  • For premises with piped gas connections and available installations that need to be removed and reinstalled, such removal and reinstallation must be done by a contractor to whom the Directorate of Natural Gas has granted a license.

Needs for the Demolition Work

  1. Customer’s account number
  2. Copy of the Love Plan
  3. Original Ownership Deed
  4. Request from the Contractor, sealed and signed
  5. A replica of the contactor’s business license
  6. Payment of the required payments if the gas supply to the property being demolished is cut off

NOC for Projects

The Directorate of Natural Gas has scheduled one of its employees to be available at the Customer Service Center of the Department of Town Planning & Survey to handle the Gas NOC transactions in keeping with the collaborative work with other Sharjah Government departments and for the convenience of our customers.

The following departments’ NOC should be obtained before beginning any projects:

  • In charge of transmission and distribution (SEWA)
  • The Directorate of Water and Electricity Distribution (SEWA)
  • Sharjah Municipality
  • Agriculture in the Municipality of Sharjah
  • Drainage Department, Sharjah Municipality
  • Department of public works
  • Office of Town Planning and Survey
  • Etisalat

Required Documentation

  • The required work’s location, the number of plots, and the names of the roads and places are all depicted on two sets of blueprints.
  • Letter from the relevant organization outlining the necessary information for the job to be done

Requirements for Piped Gas Supply 

The customer must contact a contractor who has been granted a license by the Directorate of Natural Gas to do the necessary installations or conversions. The regulations for connecting gas to buildings and villas are as follows. The owner must enter into a contract with one of the gas contractors who has been given approval and submit to the SEWA Mutual Service Department a connection application accompanied by CD that includes the following:

  • Gas connection request form.
  • Owner of the building’s passport copy.
  • Permission to build.
  • The plot’s affection strategy
  • Building’s gas piping diagram
  • The license for the gas contractor, in copy
  • The building’s gas connection information is detailed in a letter from the gas contractor.
  • If a request for the building’s completion certificate is made, the required expenses are paid.

A change to the gas supply service must meet the following conditions:

You can request a Gas Supply Modification by calling the call center at (605) 566665

if you want to change the gas fittings or the location of the cooking equipment in any area inside the villa or apartment.

In keeping with its commitment to the provision of a high-quality supply of electricity, water, and gas, as well as the ongoing development of its facilities, EWA has, since its inception, undertaken continuous expansion programs to meet the rising demand for electricity, water, and natural gas as well as to raise the caliber of various services provided to customers throughout the Emirate by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. Newspapers, media, and the SEWA website frequently feature projects and expansion initiatives that the organization has undertaken.

Conditions for converting cooktops to a natural gas system:

Please call the Call Center at (600) 566665 or submit an application using the SEWA App or website at www.sewa.gov.ae to convert your natural gas cooking appliances.

The cost of gas hookups in Sharjah is Dh200 higher

A gas pipeline hookup will now cost Sharjah residents a maximum of Dh300.

According to Gulf Today, the Sewa has entrusted five private businesses to provide natural cooking gas connections in Sharjah. These are permitted to charge connection fees to clients up to a maximum of Dh300.

Sewa provided direct connections to families and charged Dh100 as connection costs up until last month.

However, residents who choose to move their gas connections to another apartment, even one within the same building, would now be required to pay Dh300.

A Sewa official in the gas distribution wing’s main office was quoted in the newspaper as saying that Sewa had given the responsibility of setting up gas connections to four private companies: Al Madar Engineering LLC, Gulf Gas, Qous Quzah Gas Installation, and Saida Gas Contracting.

For each new connection and reconnection, these businesses may impose service fees of up to Dh300. The official indicated that it is up to them if somebody is willing to offer a discount.



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