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Chinese Restaurants in Dubai

Being a fan of Chinese cuisine in Dubai is thrilling these days. The days of ordering chicken chow mein and fried rice from depressing small takeaway cartons were long gone. Nowadays, some eateries have perfected the skill of roasting Peking duck, making wonderfully plump dim sum, and steaming juicy xiao long bao (also known as soup dumplings). Get your chopsticks ready, everyone. The top Chinese restaurants in Dubai as of right now are listed below.


Fine elevated specials at Shanghai Me

Shanghai Me

Shanghai Me is a great location to eat in the city’s DIFC area, and it comes from the esteemed crew behind some of the finest restaurants in town. Drawing inspiration from exceptional cuisine across the continent, this locally owned eatery elevates Pan-Asian flavours to a sublime level. In addition to the restaurant’s famous crispy duck salad and stir-fried dishes, dim sum is a bestseller.

Dine in opulence at Royal China

Royal China

The Dubai version plays up to Royal China’s reputation, while the London original is renowned for its extensive dim sum menu. The menu offers a variety of steamed and fried dishes, including vegetarian spring rolls and prawn-filled dumplings. A popular all-you-can-eat option is available on weekends. This DIFC staple is great for large gatherings and has foods that aren’t on other menus. Their lotus fried rice is especially recommended.

Sample famous recipes at Demon Duck

Demon Duck - Chinese Restaurant Dubai

Celebrity chef Alvin Leung, who goes under the moniker “demon chef” because of his frequent outbursts on screen, shows off his skills at this Banyan Tree Dubai restaurant. The standout meal is a full slow-roasted Peking duck served with calamansi bao buns, but there is plenty to satisfy those who aren’t fans of the characteristic flavour. Aficionados can even take part in a multi-course “duck journey.”

Celebrate regional cuisine at Long Yin

Long Yin

As one of the longest-running Chinese restaurants in the city, Long Yin has solidified its standing as an affordable, real-deal option. Under the direction of chef George Chee, this Le Meridien Dubai restaurant features 34 types of dim sum and Mongolian beef to celebrate variety. There’s always something to enjoy here, so be sure to keep an eye out for weekly eating specials.

Savour Cantonese fine dining at Hakkasan


The internationally famous Cantonese restaurant maintains its inventive flair at its Dubai location. Situated at Atlantis, The Palm, this dimly lit restaurant offers vegan and vegetarian options in addition to its famous dishes, which include crispy duck salad, steamed lobster dumplings, and jasmine tea-smoked ribs. Slate stone, blue accents, and lattice screens break up the elegant interior design, giving Hakkasan an air of gourmet dining.

Feast with the family at Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung Mall Of Emirates

Din Tai Fung, which has become a Dubai icon thanks to its signature xiao long bao soup dumplings and noodles, draws throngs of foodies to its locations all across the city. Excellent for families, Din Tai Fung should be at the top of your list if you’re searching for affordable costs and traditional Taiwanese fare in a laid-back atmosphere. Finish with a delectable treat – don’t miss their light and airy custard buns.

Join the regulars at The China Club

The China Club

China Club tops the list if you’re searching for vintage staples. Reputable for its weekend all-you-can-eat yum cha dim sum, this long-standing Deira location is a favourite among regulars. Friendly service points you in the direction of specialities like Nanjing roast duck, and the red decor is cosy and perfect for big parties. There is something for everyone on the menu, which features dishes from the Indo-Chinese, Sichuan, Cantonese, and Peking cuisines.

Spice up your life at Hutong

Hutong Restaurant

Make reservations for a table at Hutong, a restaurant specialising in North Chinese food, if you can withstand the heat. Savour fiery treats like their Sichuan chilli prawns or wagyu beef in Hunan chilli sauce while sitting around the wishing tree in the middle of the main dining room or on the terrace in milder months. It also shows off the team’s culinary variety and is a terrific choice for those looking for gluten-free options.

Dive into Long Teng Seafood

Long Teng Seafood Restaurant - Chinese Restaurant Dubai

Long Teng is a vast room spanning five levels, yet its reputation for quality is such that reservations are always required in advance. Fresh produce is the main focus, with aquariums containing hammers, king crabs, lobsters, and other catch-of-the-day, all cooked to your preference. The restaurant is named after its focus on seafood. You can anticipate both accessible dim sum and speciality foods, and after just one bite, you’ll almost certainly want to come back.

Dinner with a view at Chuan

Chuan - Chinese Restaurant Dubai

Chuan’s menu does not include any alternatives from the West. Everything about this place is perfectly authentic, meaning that the food is excellent from beginning to end, including what may be the tastiest Peking duck in the city. Chuan, which is situated on The Pointe, is particularly stunning because of its outdoor terrace’s views of the waterfront. Visit this seafood expert early to see the sunset.



Is there any Chinese Restaurant in DIFC?

The most favoured Chinese restaurant in DIFC among locals is Hutong.

Can I make a reservation at the Chinese restaurant?

Yes, you can reserve a table by getting in touch with the eatery directly. Through their website or other pertinent sites, reservations can also be made online.

Is there a dress code for the Chinese restaurant in Dubai?

The restaurant typically follows a casual dress code, but it’s recommended to check with the establishment for any specific dress requirements for special occasions.

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