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Best beach clubs in dubai

  The ideal way to spend a day in a city with so much sunshine like Dubai is to relax by the pool and watch the sunset over the Arabian Gulf. This gives the city an ideal location for beach clubs, and given Dubai’s reputation for hosting great parties, it goes without saying that the scene is flourishing here. There’s more than enough variety to suit all ages, interests and situations, and every new location that opens raises the bar just a bit more, whether you want total leisure, a stylish environment or an extravagant celebration. The top beach clubs in Dubai are listed below.

Best beach clubs in dubai

Fluid Beach Club

Best beach clubs in dubai

  Fluid Beach Club on the Palm Jumeirah is a colourful place with a long pool and bright red parasols. Th8 Palm, a boutique lifestyle resort, provides guests with a delightful atmosphere where they can enjoy delectable snacks, refreshing drinks, and live DJ spinning on weekends. Take a seat by the infinity pool or unwind in a secluded cabana while enjoying the sunshine.

Weekdays: AED 200, fully redeemable

Weekends: AED 250, fully redeemable

Fluid Beach Club, Th8 Palm, Palm Jumeirah, 9 am to 7 pm daily.

Tel: (0)4 525 8888.

 West Palm Jumeirah – Crescent Rd – The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai

Azure Beach

Best beach clubs in dubai

  Azure Beach, located at Rixos Premium Dubai, is centred around a sizable pool and enjoys a picturesque backdrop of Ain Dubai. Throughout the week, a calm soundtrack that intensifies on the weekend is available to go with carefree pool days. Reserve one of their exclusive cabanas, which come with a private plunge pool, for a VIP experience.

Weekdays: Dhs200 with Dhs100 redeemable 

Weekends: Dhs300 with Dhs150 redeemable 

Azure Beach Dubai, Rixos Premium, JBR, 10 am to 7 pm daily.

Tel: (0)52 777 9472.

 Rixos Premium Dubai – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai 


Best beach clubs in dubai

  Kyma shows up just when you thought Palm West Beach could get any better. From the can-do-no-wrong Rikas Group, who brought us Twiggy, Mimi Kakushi, and Gohan, comes this Grecian-inspired utopia of a beach club that’s ideal for a stylish day in the sun. There’s an infinity pool with luxurious sunbeds and cabanas on sweet sand imported from the Maldives, where visitors can enjoy a Mediterranean fusion menu of snacks to go with a day of sunbathing. Additionally, there’s an outdoor dining area where patrons may enjoy long, leisurely lunches while dipping their toes in the sand.

Weekdays: Dhs200 

Weekends: Dhs250 

Kyma, Palm West Beach, Palm Jumeirah, 10 am to 8 pm pool, 12 pm to 2 am restaurant, daily.

Tel: (0)4 666 5999.

 Palm West Beach, opposite Hotel Fairmont The Palm – Dubai

Beach by FIVE

Best beach clubs in dubai

  At Beach by FIVE, a 150-meter private beach is ready for you to spend a day tanning. Grab a double-wide lounger and spend some time soaking up the sun between the glass-lined pool and the sea. Ladies go in for free, but men must pay Dhs 300, which is refundable. Ladies will pay Dhs 200 and men Dhs 300 on Saturday; both amounts are redeemable.

Ladies: Free except Saturdays, which are Dhs200, fully redeemable

Gents: Dhs300 fully redeemable

Beach by FIVE, FIVE Palm Jumeirah, 9 am to sunset, daily.

Tel: (0)4 455 9989.

 No 1 Palm Jumeirah – Dubai

Koko Bay

Best beach clubs in dubai

Beach club with a Bali vibe With its rattan furnishings, vintage-inspired decor, and gorgeous white parasols, Koko Bay is a great place to enjoy a sundowner. With a beverage in hand, spend a fun-filled day in the sun while taking in the views of Dubai Marina from the restaurant’s whitewashed beach shack-style seating area or take a seat on the decking on the sand. It’s a mix of restaurant and beach club; you can reserve sun loungers for a beach day or restaurant tables for supper.

Weekdays: Dhs150, fully redeemable

Weekends: Dhs250, fully redeemable

Koko Bay, Palm West Beach, Palm Jumeirah, 10am to 1am Mon to Thurs, 10am to 2am Fri, 8am to 2am Sat, 8am to 1am Sun.

Tel: (0)4 572 3444.

   West beach Palm – Jumeirah – Dubai

The 305

Best beach clubs in dubai

  The Club at Palm West Beach’s newest addition, The 305, offers a little piece of Miami enchantment to Dubai. Whether for a leisurely weekday lunch or a weekend pool day, The 305 delivers feel-good vibes. There’s a tiny indoor restaurant, many tables on the terrace where you can eat with your toes in the sand, a swimming pool surrounded by loungers, and a private beach with daybeds. The Instagram-worthy beach club, tucked away among palm trees, pays homage to the Magic City with its bubblegum pink and green décor, which gives it a blockbuster Barbie vibe.

Weekdays: Dhs200 weekdays, fully redeemable

Weekends: Dhs250 weekends, fully redeemable

The 305 Dubai, The Club, Palm West Beach, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, daily from 9 am to sunset (beach) until midnight (restaurant).

  The Club – Palm West Beach – Palm – The Palm Jumeirah – Jumeirah – Dubai

Lucky Fish

Best beach clubs in dubai

For beach days, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Lucky Fish is a wonderful location with its rustic charm and Mediterranean vibes. When dining outside, guests are seated beneath a sun-dappled white canopy with exquisite French chandeliers from the 19th century hanging from the ceiling, rich green plants swaying softly in the air, and linen curtains. In addition, there are large white cabanas and comfy sun loungers on the beach for tanning during the day, as well as an exquisite restaurant for long, leisurely meals with mouth watering seafood and breath taking views.

Weekdays: Dhs300 with Dhs250 redeemable

Weekends: Dhs300 with Dhs250 redeemable

Lucky Fish, West Beach, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, beach 10 am to sunset daily, restaurant 10 am to 12 am daily.

Tel: (0)4 569 3447.

  Palm Jumeirah – The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai 

Bla Bla

Best beach clubs in dubai

  The trendiest place to go from day to night on JBR is Bla Bla. You won’t need to go anyplace else because there are 21 pubs, an international cuisine restaurant, and a sizable beach club all in one location. After spending the day by the glistening blue pool and the beach bar in the Bali style, visit The Tent, which has a number of uber-hip-themed pubs.

Weekdays: From Dhs200, with Dhs100 redeemable

Weekends: From Dhs300, with Dhs150 redeemable

Bla Bla, The Beach opposite JBR, Dubai, beach club open 10 am to sunset daily.

Tel: (0)58 606 3535.

  The Beach – 5101 Messer Street – opposite JBR – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai 

February 30

Best beach clubs in dubai

  There has been no shortage of patrons to February 30, ever since it debuted on the highly sought-after strip of sand that joins restaurants at Palm West Beach. It’s the ideal location for a beach day. On February 30, tropical house music plays from beach loungers and restaurant tables to welcome visitors to Dubai. This all-day/all-night hotspot also offers shisha on the deck; for sundowners, be sure to score a seat at the massive circular bar.

Weekdays: Dhs150 fully redeemable

Weekends: Dhs250 fully redeemable

February 30 Dubai, West Beach, Palm Jumeirah, daily 12 pm to 2 am, beach 12 pm to 7 pm.

Tel: (0)4 244 7200.

  West beach Palm – Jumeirah – Dubai

Cove Beach Dubai

Best beach clubs in dubai

  At the opulent Cove Beach, which is situated on the waterfront of the recently renamed Banyan Tree Dubai, bask in the Arabian sun. This well-liked location has two restaurants, immaculate pools, and a stunning private beach. Every day from 10 a.m. to sunset, the beach club welcomes patrons who want to prolong their tan while lounging on the sand or by the pool and enjoying the sounds of resident DJs. There are varying admission fees on different days of the week, with Wednesday offering the best savings for women’s wallets.

Mon, Tues, Thurs: Dhs200 with Dhs100 redeemable

Weds, Fri, Sat and Sun: Dhs300 with Dhs150 redeemable

Cove Beach, Bluewaters Island, Dubai, daily from 10 am to sunset.

Tel:(0)50 454 6920.

  Bluewaters Island – Dubai 

Drift Beach Dubai

Best beach clubs in dubai

  It makes sense because Drift Beach has long been favoured by Dubai’s IT community. A weekend spent there is well worth it, with breathtaking views of the sea, an opulent infinity pool, and a stunning restaurant. You will want to capture this on camera, so get your gear ready.

Weekdays: Dhs150

Weekends: Dhs200

Drift Beach Dubai, One&Only Royal Mirage, Dubai, Pool and Beach: 10 am to 7 pm, Restaurant: 9 am to 10 pm.

Tel:(0)4 315 2200. 

  One&Only Royal Mirage – Al Sufouh 2 – Dubai 


Best beach clubs in dubai

  Bring along your best bikini for a day at Nammos, a Mykonos export that attracts a suave audience to its shores at Four Seasons Jumeirah Beach daily. Nammos offers both indoor and outdoor dining, as well as a variety of sun loungers to let you enjoy the sun while you dine on Mediterranean fare with your toes in the sand.

Weekdays: From Dhs200

Weekends: From Dhs200

Nammos Dubai, Four Seasons Jumeirah, Jumeirah, beach 11 am to 7 pm daily, restaurant 12.30 pm to 2 am daily.

Tel: (0)4 340 1002.

  Beach, Four Seasons Resort – Jumeirah – Jumeirah 2 – Dubai 

Eva Beach House

Best beach clubs in dubai

  The Club at Palm West Beach’s sun-drenched coastal location, Eva Beach House offers a tranquil slice of Tulum’s sandy shores. Reserve a table at the boho-chic restaurant if you’re looking for a whole culinary adventure. Snuggled up in one of Eva Beach House’s luxurious cabanas or lounging on one of their plush sun loungers under parasols, people may spend the day rehydrating their tans.

Weekdays: Dhs200, with Dhs100 redeemable

Weekends: Dhs300, with Dhs200 redeemable

Eva Beach House, Palm West Beach 10 am to 1 am weekdays, 10 am to 2 am weekends.

Tel: (0)4 510 4800.

  The Club – Palm Jumeirah – Dubai 


Does Dubai have any public beaches?

  Yes, indeed, there are! Among the busiest beaches in Dubai are Al Mamzar Open Beach and Jumeirah Open Beach.

Which Dubai beach clubs are the best?

  Well, that’s debatable because Dubai is home to a huge number of beach clubs, each with its own specialities. Options like Summersalt Beach Club, Nikki Beach Resort and Spa, and Twiggy by La Cantine are worth taking into consideration.

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