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#9 Best Gas Companies in Sharjah, UAE

#9 Best Gas Companies in Sharjah, UAE

1. Sharjah National LPG Company (SNLPC)

Website: https://www.snoc.ae/

A well-known gas firm in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, called Sharjah National LPG firm (SNLPC) is largely dedicated to the creation, delivery, and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). SNLPC is a division of Sharjah Oxygen Company (SOC), a major supplier of industrial gases and associated services in the United Arab Emirates.

2. Sharjah Oxygen Company

Website: https://www.sharjahoxygen.com/en/

Leading suppliers of industrial gases such oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and a number of speciality gases include SOC. These gases are necessary for a variety of sectors, including industry, electronics, healthcare, and more. To successfully meet their order requirements and contractual commitments, Sharjah Oxygen Company offers high-quality products and services that are customised to go above and beyond customer expectations.

3. United Gas Co LLC

Website: https://unigastt.com/

With its main office in Sharjah, UNIGAS Group was founded in 1979 as a significant player in the early development of the oil and gas industry in the United Arab Emirates. The UNIGAS Group has continued to hold a leading position in the delivery of services, from a very economical LPG supply to reliable engineering solutions and technology. Our group of highly qualified engineers, technicians, and management personnel enable this.

4. Universal Industrial Gas Est

Website: http://www.alhuraizgroup.ae/

Universal Industrial Gas Est gases are employed in a variety of activities, including welding, cutting, food preservation, industrial processes, and medical gases for hospitals.

5. Dana Gas

Website: https://www.danagas.com/

Energy firm Dana Gas is situated in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, and operates in several facets of the oil and gas industry. The primary activities of Dana Gas are the exploration and production of natural gas and oil. The corporation conducts drilling and production activities while looking for hydrocarbon resources.

6. Brooge Energy

Website: https://broogeenergy.com/whoweare/

The parent firm of Brooge Petroleum and Gas Investment firm FZE (BPGIC), a midstream oil storage and service provider strategically placed outside the Strait of Hormuz next to the Port of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, is Brooge Energy Limited, a Cayman Islands corporation.

7. Al Fayha Gas Co LLC

Website: https://www.alfayhagas.com/

Since its founding in 1993, Al Fayha Gas L.L.C. has been a significant home and industrial gas supplier in the emirates of Sharjah, Ajman, and Dubai. The company has a good fleet of vehicles under management, well-trained employees, and a broad range of goods and services in its offering. Since the beginning, our company has been built on the commitment, quality, safety, dependability, trust, and integrity characteristics, which continue to be our strength.

8. Al Wahda Gas Distribution

Website: http://www.dubichem.com/content/al-wahda-gas-distribution

It is one of the leading gas supplier in Sharjah UAE. It is involved in the distribution of LPG in various forms, including cylinders for household use and bulk supply for commercial and industrial customers.

9. Al Nabil Gas Co LLC

Website: n/a

It is a business that provides services and storage for oil, as well as storage and distribution of gas.

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