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The famous festival in UAE, Sharjah Light Festival,


About The famous festival in UAE

The famous festival in UAE, Every year, the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates hosts a spectacular spectacle known as the Sharjah Light Festival. Light installations and displays are set up across Sharjah for this event, which the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority puts on.
Since its inception in 2013, this festival has become a major cultural institution in the city. It’s a fantastic way to get a new perspective of Sharjah and draws tourists from around the globe.
One of the most attended events in Sharjah is the annual Light Festival, a celebration of illumination and artistic expression. During this event, installations and shows focused on light are scattered throughout the city.
Check out the city’s annual Light Festival to view Sharjah in a new light. The festival is a fantastic way to experience Sharjah in a new light and draws guests from all corners of the nation.


Specialty The famous festival in UAE

Festivalgoers may enjoy a broad selection of cultural and recreational events and light-based installations and displays.
One of the most well-attended celebrations in the Emirate, the Sharjah Light Festival has been a hit since its first showing in 2013. People travel from all around the globe to attend this event, which lasts for three weeks.
At the Sharjah Light Festival, you may experience some of the most impressive light-based exhibitions in the world and get a new perspective on the Emirate. Those interested in learning more about the Sharjah Light Festival, which takes place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), may visit the festival’s official website.


Getting there The famous festival

Over 10 days, attendees may enjoy various light shows and installations at this event. It’s also worth noting that the festival hosts various events and activities. Here’s how to travel to Sharjah, where the Light Festival will be held, and back again, should you decide to visit the city.
Al Noor Island, which lies off the coast of Sharjah, is one of the sites of the annual Light Festival. From the Al Noor Marina, boats will transport you to the island. Travel time is around 15 minutes, and boats depart approximately every 30 minutes between 5 and 10 p.m. Adults pay AED 25 for the boat journey, while youngsters pay AED 10.

Once you reach the island, you can wander about leisurely, taking in the many light shows and installations. There are many different food and drink stands and several kid-friendly activities to choose from. Attending the Light Festival, open nightly from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. is free of charge.
Advance ticket purchases are recommended for anyone interested in attending the Light Festival. You may purchase tickets for the cruise either on the web or at the Al Noor Marina. As we covered above, you may learn more by going to the official website for the Sharjah Light Festival.


2023 = amazing year

This year’s Sharjah Light Festival will be the best, with light and music installations lighting up the city’s monuments and projecting stunning visuals and animations onto the buildings. There will be millions of people at the event, coming from across the Emirate, the country, and the planet.
People across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will travel to Sharjah to see the festival’s incredible light displays. Also, it’s one of the unique events in the Emirate since it brings together well-known performers, designers, and musicians. This celebration welcomes people of all ages and is a popular destination because of it. Visit the Emirate’s famous monuments at your leisure by setting up stops at the Al Majaz Waterfront, the Al Noor Mosque, and the attractions along the east coast.




How is Sharjah Light Festival celebrated?

Ans – During the Sharjah Light Festival, famous artists from around the world light up iconic buildings in the city to create a multimedia spectacle that honours Sharjah’s rich scientific, artistic, and cultural history.
What makes Sharjah unique?
Ans – Only Sharjah borders every other city in the Emirates. It’s the only place you can go to the beach on the Arabian and Omani sides of the Gulf.
Why is it important to celebrate light?
Ans – The fact that people turn to praying for and wishing for light in the darkest of circumstances makes it a fitting emblem of hope. Thus, it is not surprising that lighting is integral to celebrating many different festivals and observances.

What is the famous festival in UAE?
Ans – Two Islamic holidays celebrated simultaneously: Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha. Following a rigorous month of fasting, the city’s residents celebrate with a three-day feast. A spirit of community and celebration permeates this city, where Muslims make up most of the population, as relatives and friends meet for meals and presents.

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