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Moon-Shaped Project in Sharjah Set to Captivate Global Travellers

Moon-Shaped Project in Sharjah: Rising to the top of a hill near Kalba, Sharjah, is a new project styled like a crescent that is expected to become a famous tourist attraction. This project, called Ghamam, meaning “above the clouds,” is situated on Jebel Deem at an elevation of roughly 850 metres above sea level. It will redefine the region’s tourism scene with its breathtaking panoramic vistas of the ocean, valleys, and mountains.

Moon-Shaped Project in Sharjah

Features of the Ghamam Project

  • Upper Floor Amenities: A restaurant, an open café, and a reading area will be located on the first level, offering guests a calm setting in which to unwind and take in the beautiful surroundings.
  • Ground Level Amenities: The ground floor will have viewing platforms, a multipurpose hall, and a prayer room to accommodate different visitor demands.
  • Greenery and Landscaping: In order to improve the rocky mountain scenery and create a verdant oasis, more than 4,500 trees, including grape, apple, pomegranate, and olive trees, have been planted.

Additional Attractions

  • Entertainment Options: The project will be a family-friendly attraction with an open theatre and kid-friendly play zones.
  • Accommodations and Sports: There is a local football stadium that is 650 metres above sea level, so the playing conditions should be cooler and less humid. In addition, a 100-room hotel will offer travellers opulent lodging choices.

The Sharjah Ruler, Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, highlighted the importance of the ongoing project during a recent visit. The Al Suhub Rest Area, which opened in 2021 and is situated 600 metres above Khor Fakkan, served as a model for this project due to its success.

Boosting Kalba as a Tourist Hub

Kalba is quickly emerging as a must-visit location in Sharjah with several new attractions adding to its attractiveness. Its increasing popularity is attributed to recent openings such as the Clock Tower, Al Hefaiyah Lake, and the Hanging Gardens.

Moon-Shaped Project in Sharjah

Effects on the Tourism and Travel Industry

The travel and tourist industry in Sharjah is about to undergo a radical change because to the Ghamam project. Here’s how to do it:

  • Increasing Number of Visitors: Ghamam’s distinctive architecture and high altitude are predicted to draw a sizable number of visitors, increasing local tourism.
  • Economic Development: The project is anticipated to boost regional economic activity, resulting in job creation and advantages for nearby enterprises. 
  • Improved Experience for Visitors: Ghamam will improve the entire visitor experience by providing a blend of modern conveniences, natural beauty, and cultural attractions, promoting longer stays and return trips.
  • Emphasis on the Environment: The project’s focus on reforestation and greening the area demonstrates a dedication to environmental sustainability, which is something that contemporary tourists find increasingly significant.
  • Cultural and Recreational Centre: With a range of amenities, such as an open-air theatre and a football stadium, Ghamam will be a popular destination for tourists and locals alike for leisure and culture. 

Looking Ahead

The Ghamam project stands out above all for its creative approach and potential to set new industry norms as Sharjah continues to build cutting-edge tourism developments. It is poised to become a globally recognised destination that combines modern amenities with natural beauty and a strong emphasis on sustainability. This will have a substantial impact on Sharjah’s travel and tourism industry as well as other travel-related industries.


What is Ghamam?

Ghamam, meaning “above the clouds” in Arabic, is a new crescent-shaped project under construction in Sharjah’s Kalba region. Located at a staggering 850 meters above sea level, it promises stunning panoramic views and a luxurious experience.

What makes Ghamam unique?

Beyond its design, Ghamam is committed to sustainability. Over 4,500 trees are being planted to create a green haven on the mountainside.

How will Ghamam impact Sharjah’s tourism?

Ghamam is expected to attract a significant number of tourists, boosting the local economy through job creation and increased business activity.

Moon-Shaped Project in Sharjah

What other attractions are there in Kalba?

Kalba offers a range of attractions, including the Hanging Gardens, Al Hefaiyah Lake, and a clock tower. Together, they create a diverse travel experience.

Is Ghamam eco-friendly?

Yes, the large-scale tree-planting initiative demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility.

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