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Kuwait Hospital Performed Free Surgery for Low-Income People in Sharjah

In celebration of Zayed Humanitarian Day on Ramadan 19, Kuwait Hospital performed free surgery for low-income people in Sharjah. Under the auspices of Emirates Health Services (EHS), the hospital’s orthopaedic and surgical departments performed the free procedures in remembrance of the country’s founder.

Surgical treatment was performed on a 70-year-old patient of Asian ethnicity to remove a colon tumour, and another surgery was performed on a 25-year-old Asian patient who had come to Kuwait Hospital’s emergency department after suffering an open fracture to his left leg in an accident. To fix the open fracture with a metal brace, he had surgery.

Kuwait hospital in sharjah performs free operations

The director of Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, Afra Salem, emphasised that the hospital’s involvement in Zayed Humanitarian Day strengthens its commitment to upholding Zayed’s tradition of kindness and helping the underprivileged. This demonstrates the hospital’s dedication to the humanitarian partnership, which is considered an authentic legacy in Emirati culture. She underlined that performing procedures for underprivileged people and interacting with patients are fundamental humanitarian principles that are critical to the advancement of communities. These deeds exemplify how to successfully reflect humanity into society, fostering nation-building and enhancing the UAE’s standing on a regional and international level.

A humanitarian visit was also carried out by Kuwait Hospital’s management, who gave gifts and checked on the well-being of all internal department patients. In addition to highlighting the admirable humanitarian ideals instilled by the late Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, this programme seeks to create a culture of cooperation and solidarity. It carries on the path of commitment and generosity started by astute leadership.

Kuwait hospital in sharjah performs free operations


Who Regulates the Hospitals In Sharjah?

Medical professionals in the city must get licences from the Sharjah Health Authority.

Is Healthcare Free In Sharjah Government Hospitals?

In the government hospitals of Sharjah, all emergency patients receive free treatments. The public hospitals in Sharjah provide free medical care to Emirati patients as well. For foreign residents, however, the majority of insurance companies cover public health facilities.

Do you need Health Insurance In Sharjah?

All inhabitants who are foreign nationals are required to carry health insurance. 

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