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Burj al Arab named as top recommended hotel in UAE

burj al arab

burj al arab

When people think of Dubai, one of the first places that comes to their minds is the Burj Al Arab, which is officially recognized as the hotel that is the most “Instagrammable” in the entire world. This hotel is well-known for the glamor that precedes it, and it is a striking structure in the shape of a sail that is surrounded by the waters of the Arabian Gulf. However, here are five facts about the landmark that you might not be aware of.

Architecture of burj al arab

Tom Wright, born on September 18, 1957, is the designer of Burj Al Arab. He is a British architect who was educated at the Royal Russell School and later attended Kingston Polytechnic School of Architecture. In 1983, Wright became a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. During the design and construction phases of the project, he resided in Dubai, serving as the Project Design Director for Atkins, one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary design consultancies.

Construction of burj al arab

The building is impressive because of many difficult engineering and construction challenges. They built an artificial island that sits low in the water to make it seem like the building is floating. It took three years to make the island by putting big rocks on the sea floor. They also used special concrete blocks to stop waves from causing flooding.

To keep the building steady on the island, they had to put 230 concrete poles into the sand. The whole building used more than 70,000 cubic meters of concrete and 9,000 tons of steel. At the busiest time, 2,000 workers were building it.

The building looks like two wings in a V-shape, making a big open space in the middle. The outside is covered with two layers of special fabric to block too much sun and heat.

Burj Al Arab Named Top Recommended Hotel in the UAE

The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, with its iconic sail-shaped structure towering over its own artificial island, has long been a standout feature of Dubai’s skyline. Recently, this beloved 25-year-old hotel has added another feather to its cap by being named the most recommended hotel in the UAE for 2024.

Recognized for its exceptional architectural design, personalized service, and aesthetically pleasing interiors, the Burj Al Arab clinched the top spot in the YouGov Hotel and Airline Advocacy Rankings 2024. This accolade reflects high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, underscoring just how much guests adore their experience at this renowned establishment.

Burj al arab offers 202 rooms with ocean view, it’s no wonder the Burj Al Arab outshines its competitors. Whether it’s the acclaimed Al Muntaha restaurant, the breathtaking drone displays like the recent Chinese New Year celebration, or the sheer innovation displayed throughout the hotel, there’s plenty to captivate visitors.

1.Fine dining at Al Muntaha

Perched on the 27th floor, Al Muntaha offers a memorable dining experience with impeccable service. Awarded the prestigious Great Service Award in 2023, it’s a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

2.Afternoon tea at Skyview bar

 Indulge in a unique afternoon tea experience at the Skyview bar, where you can savor a delightful array of sweet and savory treats while enjoying panoramic views of the Jumeirah skyline.

3.Infinity pool at SAL

Dive into luxury at SAL, the Burj Al Arab’s beach club located on The Terrace. Featuring a 100-meter infinity pool, a sea-themed menu, and air-conditioned cabanas, it offers the ultimate in relaxation and indulgence for a perfect pool day in Dubai.

4.Exercise at Talise fitness:

Everyone may find something to do in Burj Al Arab, Burj Al Arab has a fitness center with training courses available for both men and women. Talise Fitness is still operational every day at 6am to 10pm. It is located on the 18th floor. Talise Fitness offers a variety of group exercise programs, such as yoga, cardio, strength training, and circuit training. Visit Talise Fitness to reach your luxurious and health-related objectives.


The Burj Al Arab stands as an iconic symbol of Dubai’s architectural and engineering prowess, attracting global admiration for its striking design and luxurious amenities. Designed by renowned architect Tom Wright, its sail-shaped silhouette and innovative construction on an artificial island demonstrate remarkable feats of engineering. 



1.How did the Burj Al Arab become known as the most “Instagrammable” hotel in the world?

 The Burj Al Arab gained this reputation due to its stunning architecture, luxurious interiors, and picturesque location on an artificial island in the Arabian Gulf, making it a favorite backdrop for Instagrammers worldwide.

2.What are some lesser-known facts about the construction of the Burj Al Arab?

Despite its glamorous exterior, the construction of the Burj Al Arab presented numerous engineering challenges, including the creation of an artificial island, innovative flood prevention measures, and the use of specialized construction materials like perforated concrete blocks.

3.Who was responsible for the design and construction of the Burj Al Arab?

 The Burj Al Arab was designed by British architect Tom Wright and constructed by a team of engineers and builders, with Wright serving as the Project Design Director for Atkins, a prominent design consultancy.

4.Why was the Burj Al Arab named the top recommended hotel in the UAE for 2024?

The Burj Al Arab earned this accolade for its exceptional architectural design, personalized service, and high levels of customer satisfaction.

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