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Best Night Clubs In Dubai

  While having fun at home is fun, there’s nothing quite like exploring a foreign country’s nightlife, particularly in Dubai. A Dubai tour package is all you need to explore the emirate city, which is the land of possibilities, endless adventures, unique experiences, breathtaking cityscapes, and the ideal city of entertainment.

  Dubai offers many entertainment options, ranging from elegant bars and nightclubs to colourful cultures. However, Dubai’s clubs add even more vibrancy and excitement to the city’s nightlife. The best clubs in Dubai to have a great time are listed below. Make sure you and your pals are over 21 before visiting any of the clubs in Dubai, as underage admission is prohibited.

best night club in dubai


Best Night Clubs In Dubai

1.White Dubai

best night clubs in dubai

  White Dubai’s appeal stems from its rooftop nightclub and breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline. With all of the latest designs, it is colourful, energetic, and technical. The club plays electronic music and has international DJs. It has won Club of the Year three times in a row from Time Out Dubai. With its vibrant dance floors, loud music, and all-around welcoming vibe, White Dubai is the ultimate party spot that steers everyone’s disco explorations in the correct direction.

Location: Al Meydan Road, Meydan Racecourse Grandstand, Rooftop Venue- Dubai.

Timings: 11:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Open from Thursdays to Saturdays.

Contact: +971-800-9191

2.Club BLU Dubai

best night clubs in dubai

  Club BLU Dubai is a multi-level club housed in an impressive building that gives the compelling diversity of an exclusive experience. It is a relentless devotion to sight, music, stage, and shape. It’s one of Dubai’s newest and most glamorous nightclubs. Modern spaces and sections at BLU Dubai provide dynamic lighting and visual features that perfectly complement renowned DJs and international performers.

 Location: Al Habtoor City – V Hotel Dubai – Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai.

Timing: 9:00 PM- 7:00 AM; Open every day.

Contact: +971-56-501-2039

3.Armani/ Privé

best night clubs in dubai

  The renowned nightclub Armani/Privé is well-known for being one of Dubai’s most amazing and fashionable establishments. Enjoying one of the best private live performances, hosted by international DJs, and experiencing the pinnacle of luxury is the nicest part of working at Armani! Armani is a pricey and elite venue for parties, but the vibe, ambience, and hospitality make it all worthwhile. The world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, is the perfect place to party all night long. Clubbing at Armani is an incredible experience.

 Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd No 1, Burj Khalifa, Armani Hotel- Dubai.

Timings: 11.00 PM to 03.00 AM; Closed on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Contact: +971-4-888-3308

4.Billionaire Mansion

best night clubs in dubai

  The Billionaire Mansion is a great location for a memorable partying experience because of its opulent ambience, chic surroundings, and regal vibe. A well-known celebrity, worldwide DJs, artists, and influential people are likely to be spotted here. With an outdoor dance terrace, karaoke nights, delectable dinners and performances to keep you amused every time you visit the club, Billionaire Mansion is an award-winning multi-room bar and nightclub.

 Location: Taj Dubai, Business Bay – Dubai.

Timings: 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM; Open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Contact: +971 56 678 3357

5.Cavalli Club

Best Night Clubs In Dubai

  The Cavalli Club in Dubai is a popular place to party. It is the most prestigious, traditional, and established club in Dubai. The club will remind you why it’s one of the greatest in town with its fancy décor and low chandeliers! In addition, live acts and DJ sets make a club visit worthwhile for an all-night celebration. The must-see features of this gorgeous location are the delectable food and the speciality cocktails and mocktails.

 Location: Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road – Trade Centre – Dubai.

Timings: 10:00 PM – 4:00 PM; Open from Thursday – Saturday only.

Contact: +97143329260

6.1 OAK

Best Night Clubs In Dubai

  The 1 OAK brand, which originated with the motto “One of a Kind,” is the height of luxury. In the centre of Dubai, the club promises to provide you with an opulent nightlife area for thrilling party experiences and first-rate hospitality. 1 OAK, which is well-known for providing the most opulent musical experiences, features the greatest R&B and hip-hop fusion, with top singles from commercials airing on some of the hottest days.

 Location: JW Marriott Marquis Hotel – Business Bay- Dubai.

Timing: 11:00 PM – 2:00 AM; Open every day.

Contact: +971-52-881-8888

7.Club Boudoir

Best Night Clubs In Dubai

  Allow yourself to be mesmerised by the incredible magnificence of the Baroque-styled club Boudoir, which draws inspiration from the French Renaissance. The location exudes romance and affection in every charming corner. The club’s opulent food offerings are intended to tantalise your palate. Modern deep house beats are progressively incorporated into the lounge music, which changes in tempo and volume to fit the party’s vibe.

 Location: Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa – Jumeirah St -Dubai.

Timings: 9:00 PM – 3:00 AM; Open every day.

Contact: +971-4-346-1111

8.Float Dubai

Best Night Clubs In Dubai

  A unique space in the present on board the Queen Elizabeth 2, a ship rich in historical and cultural significance, is offered by Float Dubai, which is engulfed in the enchanting energy of a bygone era while utilising future technologies to guarantee an unforgettable experience. With an emphasis on incredible entertainment, this enchanted locale adds a special energy to its unusual setting. Leading local DJs, a lineup of international DJs and musicians, and thrilling entertainment are all included at the floating nightlife event. Float Dubai, which is conveniently situated, provides a unique nightlife experience with award-winning DJs, top-notch entertainment, and expansive views of Dubai.

 Location: Queen Elizabeth 2 – Port Rashid – Dubai.

Timings: 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM; Open from Thursday to Saturday only.

Contact: +971 54 711 1171

9.Magnum Club

Best Night Clubs In Dubai

  Magnum Club Dubai provides a unique, thrilling, and immersive experience. With its exquisite parties, karaoke lounge, singers, and dancers, the club’s breathtaking beauty offers much more than simply a typical nightlife experience. Magnum Club boasts one of the best cuisines in town, featuring a variety of international and Japanese delicacies in addition to traditional Russian fare. Don’t forget to sample the best shisha in town and indulge in some unusual drinks and light bites from across the world.

 Location: Al Mina Road – Al Hudaiba – Dubai.

Timings: 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM; Open every day.

Contact: +971 52 661 3458

10.Mafia Club

Best Night Clubs In Dubai

  When on vacation in Dubai, you should definitely check out the edgy, chic, and enigmatic Mafia Club. You may party all night long in its distinctive, stylish, and fashionable setting. The enigmatic and crazy Mafia club aims to provide its patrons with the finest service, exquisite cuisine, and lavish events of the highest calibre.

 Location: Downtown Dubai – Dubai.

Timings: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM; It is open on Tuesday and Thursday to Sunday.

Contact: +971 52 888 8033


Apart from the Above-Mentioned Night Club, are there other popular Night Clubs in Dubai?

 Yes, Dubai has a tonne of great spots to enjoy the nightlife.

What is the Dubai Club code for Dress?

  Dressing in formal party clothes is the standard attire for Dubai’s trendy nightclubs. Make sure you dress to impress because the majority of top clubs in Dubai only let the best-dressed patrons inside. Here, flip-flops, pants and shorts are strictly prohibited.

Is there any cheap nightclub or bar in Dubai?

  For inexpensive evenings out in Dubai, consider The Locker Room, Cactus Jacks, and Casa Latina.

Are there any Night Clubs in Hotels in Dubai?

  The two most well-known hotels featuring nightclubs, lounges, or bars in Dubai are Atlantis The Palm (White Beach) and W Dubai – The Palm (W Lounge).

Are IDs required to Access the Night Club in Dubai?

  The majority of clubs in the UAE only admit patrons who provide a valid driver’s licence or Emirates ID. If you are a tourist visiting Dubai, your passport will be sufficient for identification. enter Dubai, there are party clubs that won’t let anyone under 25 enter. It is best to confirm these specifics in advance of your night out.


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