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WTC Mall

If you find yourself in the Beach Road neighbourhood and need some shopping therapy, the luxurious World Trade Centre is where you should go. There is a historic business district in the very centre of the city, and it is home to a monument that has become instantly recognizable worldwide. You can do all of your shopping, eating, and entertainment at the mall in one convenient location. 

In addition to Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid, The Offices, a Marriott hotel, and a souk, The Mall is part of the World Trade Centre, a large commercial and residential complex. Aldar commissioned Foster & Partners to redesign the complex, revitalizing the historic Central Market. In 2014, shoppers were welcomed to the World Trade Centre Mall. You can find traditional artifacts, clothing, abayas, henna, spices, perfumes, and accessories at WTC Souk, connected to it via the Al-Khalifa Street Bridge.


If you’ve worked up an appetite while browsing the stores in The Mall, you’ll find more than enough selections to satisfy your hunger. Shakespeare & Co., Nando’s, and Kentucky Fried Chicken are examples. An innovative food court in the emirate, The Botanic Atrium, can be found within the facility. You may enjoy a cup of tea in this eco-friendly establishment while watching the sushi chefs at work. Guests can choose from several comfortable seating areas, such as the indoor garden dining area or the tropical oasis-themed deck.

Al Mandoos Restaurant

The Al Mandoos Restaurant and Café can be found on the first floor of the World Trade Centre Mall. It is a must-visit for anybody who wants to sample dishes that reflect Arabian and Emirati culinary traditions. Monthly menu changes feature a wide variety of dishes, both traditional to the area and international favourites like steak and pizza made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.


It is an Indian restaurant at the WTC Mall, provides good food, a comfortable atmosphere, and a kind and helpful staff.  It is a top restaurant because it has fantastic happy hours, an impressive selection of appetizers, excellent cocktails, and delectable Indian cuisine.

Pancake House

Are you planning to start early at the World Trade Centre Mall? Do you feel like eating something light, or maybe you’re craving something heartier? If you’re looking for a great place to eat, look no further than Pancake House. Here, you can get fluffy pancakes made to order in various flavours, including sweet and savoury options.

Hotspot for the Contemporary Urbanite

WTC Abu Dhabi, located in the city’s bustling downtown, is a unique urban mixed-use destination that successfully combines the comforts of contemporary shopping and entertainment with the exotic allure of an authentic Arabian souk. A retail mall, the food and drink shops of the Hub, and the Souk, a contemporary spin on a traditional market, combine to make the downtown area a unique place to shop, dine, and have fun. WTC Abu Dhabi features an 8 Novo Cinema Cineplex, a hotel, and two residential office buildings in addition to its 230+ retail shops, 25+ restaurants, 12 fast food outlets, and many typical marketplace goods.

The mall is one of the best places to shop and have fun in Abu Dhabi, with a wide variety of businesses selling everything from trendy accessories, shoes, apparel, and fragrances to traditional goods like scarves, camel figures, sculptures, Arabian spices, and carpets. Following your shopping expedition, stop by one of the mall’s many cafes or eateries to unwind with loved ones.


H&M is popular among shoppers worldwide because of the large selection of clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, and other items it sells. The brand is not only pleasant and easily accessible but also provides customers with a wide selection of goods from which to choose.

Want to buy some new furniture, rugs, or other household items? Visit Art Hub and stock up on decor to transform your home into a work of art. Carpets, rugs, curtains, and a wide variety of other home furnishings are available at Art Hub.

Join the Fun at Action Zone!

World Trade Centre Mall’s third floor is home to Action Zone, where many fun games and activities can be enjoyed. In addition to virtual reality (VR) games with 3D simulation, PlayStation headset, and more, this location also features intense experiences, including microgravity and bungee jumping. The LED dancefloor is another perk.

Location of Abu Dhabi’s World Trade Centre Mall

Within Abu Dhabi’s Al Hisn neighbourhood can be found the World Trade Centre Mall. Due to its central location, it is quick and easy to get by taxi from anywhere in the city, including Saadiyat Island, Yas Island, Corniche Beach, and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

When to Go

Earlier in the day, before noon, is the sweet spot for shopping at Abu Dhabi’s World Trade Centre Mall. At this time, the mall’s stores and restaurants will be less crowded, giving it a good time to peruse the available goods or enjoy a leisurely dinner.


What is the purpose of the trade Centre?

The ITC’s key goals are to increase people’s knowledge of the importance of trade intellectual ability, to improve trade support institutions, to improve policies that help to export businesses, to boost export capacity among exporting businesses so that they can take advantage of market possibilities, and to make inclusivity the norm.

What does the World Trade Centre do?

It connects companies to government and private sector agencies that facilitate and carry out international trade to make this process more streamlined and stimulate growth.

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