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Sharjah Jiu-Jitsu Club in Sharjah UAE

Sharjah Jiu-Jitsu Club is a Sports complex in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Address: 9CCG+CF2 - Al Riqa Suburb - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates. (Google Map Location) Phone: +971 50 143 5353 Email: info@uaejjf.com Website: https://events.uaejjf.org/ About Sharjah Jiu-Jitsu Club in Sharjah For Register the Sharjah Jiu-Jitsu Club Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 11 am–8 pm, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday: Closed Sharjah Jiu-Jitsu Club dates back to the dawn of human civilization, and it has become phenomenally popular in the hearts and minds of the martial arts community. Its philosophy is based on two pillars: the first is the use of mental strength to gain an advantage over opponents. This will help not only in resistin...