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Sharjah Prayer Time [2023]

Sharjah Prayer Timing

Sharjah Prayer/Namaz Time of August 25th, 2022, United Arab Emirates are Fajar 04:36 AM, Sunrise  05:53, Zuhr 12:23 PM, Asr 03:50 PM, Maghrib 06:47 PM & Isha 08:04 PM.

Islamic Prayer Times in Sharjah 

August 25th 2022

Fajar4:3625 Aug 2022
Sunrise5:5325 Aug 2022
Zuhr12:2325 Aug 2022
Asr15:5025 Aug 2022
Maghrib18:4725 Aug 2022
Isha20:0425 Aug 2022


Prayer Time Sharjah

01 August 2022 to 31 August 2022

1MondayMuharram4:21 AM5:43 AM12:28 PM3:53 PM7:07 PM8:29 PM
2TuesdayMuharram4:22 AM5:43 AM12:28 PM3:53 PM7:07 PM8:28 PM
3WednesdayMuharram4:22 AM5:44 AM12:28 PM3:53 PM7:06 PM8:27 PM
4ThursdayMuharram4:23 AM5:44 AM12:28 PM3:53 PM7:05 PM8:26 PM
5FridayMuharram4:24 AM5:45 AM12:28 PM3:53 PM7:05 PM8:25 PM
6SaturdayMuharram4:24 AM5:45 AM12:28 PM3:53 PM7:04 PM8:25 PM
7SundayMuharram4:25 AM5:45 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM7:03 PM8:24 PM
8MondayMuharram4:26 AM5:46 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM7:03 PM8:23 PM
9TuesdayMuharram4:26 AM5:46 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM7:02 PM8:22 PM
10WednesdayMuharram4:27 AM5:47 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM7:01 PM8:21 PM
11ThursdayMuharram4:28 AM5:47 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM7:00 PM8:20 PM
12FridayMuharram4:28 AM5:48 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM7:00 PM8:19 PM
13SaturdayMuharram4:29 AM5:48 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM6:59 PM8:18 PM
14SundayMuharram4:30 AM5:49 AM12:26 PM3:53 PM6:58 PM8:17 PM
15MondayMuharram4:30 AM5:49 AM12:26 PM3:53 PM6:57 PM8:16 PM
16TuesdayMuharram4:31 AM5:50 AM12:26 PM3:53 PM6:56 PM8:15 PM
17WednesdayMuharram4:32 AM5:50 AM12:26 PM3:53 PM6:56 PM8:14 PM
18ThursdayMuharram4:32 AM5:50 AM12:26 PM3:52 PM6:55 PM8:13 PM
19FridayMuharram4:33 AM5:51 AM12:25 PM3:52 PM6:54 PM8:12 PM
20SaturdayMuharram4:33 AM5:51 AM12:25 PM3:52 PM6:53 PM8:11 PM
21SundayMuharram4:34 AM5:52 AM12:25 PM3:52 PM6:52 PM8:09 PM
22MondayMuharram4:35 AM5:52 AM12:25 PM3:52 PM6:51 PM8:08 PM
23TuesdayMuharram4:35 AM5:53 AM12:24 PM3:52 PM6:50 PM8:07 PM
24WednesdayMuharram4:36 AM5:53 AM12:24 PM3:51 PM6:49 PM8:06 PM
25ThursdayMuharram4:36 AM5:53 AM12:24 PM3:51 PM6:48 PM8:05 PM
26FridayMuharram4:37 AM5:54 AM12:23 PM3:51 PM6:47 PM8:04 PM
27SaturdayMuharram4:38 AM5:54 AM12:23 PM3:50 PM6:46 PM8:03 PM
28SundaySafar4:38 AM5:55 AM12:23 PM3:50 PM6:45 PM8:02 PM
29MondaySafar4:39 AM5:55 AM12:23 PM3:50 PM6:44 PM8:01 PM
30TuesdaySafar4:39 AM5:55 AM12:22 PM3:50 PM6:43 PM7:59 PM
31WednesdaySafar4:40 AM5:56 AM12:22 PM3:49 PM6:42 PM7:58 PM

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