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Sharjah Media City(Shams)

Sharjah Media City Free Zone is home to state of the art infrastructure that may be utilized by firms of all sizes and stages (SHAMS). Shams is a ground-breaking endeavour, a forward-thinking and multifaceted community with the aim of making creative enterprise accessible to anybody. If you’re looking to establish a business, here is the place.  Since it provides state-of-the-art services and state-of-the-art facilities for entrepreneurs in start-ups and new industries.

Businesses can take advantage of all that Shams has to offer by setting up shop in one of the many available office buildings. Creative spaces, hotels and other commercial establishments such as restaurants and cafes.

Free Zone of United Arab Emirates

Shams is a free zone in the United Arab Emirates that has become a global model for customer care and business support, making it the ideal location for entrepreneurs wishing to break into the dynamic creative and media industries in the UAE. It will offer cutting-edge, community-oriented services with a concentration on local content and the support of local, up-and-coming business owners.


Shams mission is to open the benefits of creative entrepreneurship to all types of start-ups, from one-person operations to growing organisations with global ambitions. Shams is a cutting-edge endeavour that connects closely with the bright minds it draws.

There are almost two thousand different types of company licences available in Sharjah Media City. When registering a firm in SHAMS Free Zone, investors have the option of selecting from three different types of licences: services, trading, and industrial. The investor may choose the Sharjah Media City Service License to provide services to other businesses and individuals in the Free Zone and beyond. Consultancy, electronic commerce, media, advertising, and other specialised service licences are all available at Sharjah Media City.

Sharjah Media City Trading License

The Sharjah Media City Trading License is a great option for business owners looking to start a trading company. Investors can buy and sell items in the UAE, the GCC, and other countries with a trading licence issued by Sharjah Media City. Obtaining an Industrial Permit from SHAMS is the best choice for businesses looking to assemble, repackage, remanufacture, or transform products. You’ll find all the services and support you need to launch a manufacturing operation in the Free Zone, along with quick and simple approval processes.


Sharjah Media City, which opened in January 2017, is home to over 160 media and entertainment enterprises from all over the world and provides them with a variety of resources to help them flourish. In addition to saving money, investors can take advantage of multiple work visas by setting up shop in a shared office. The same licence can be used for a wide variety of businesses. Within 15 minutes of Dubai International Airport and only 5 minutes from Sharjah International Airport, Shams aspires to become the regional epicentre of creativity.

Shams LLC

Shams limited liability companies (LLCs) are distinct legal entities that offer shareholder and owner anonymity. Consequently, the corporation, and not the shareholders, is liable for all debts and other obligations incurred by the corporation. To the same extent, the assets of the corporation do not belong to the shareholders but rather to the firm itself.

Shams Branch

A Shams subsidiary is a separate legal entity that operates under the umbrella of an established parent firm. The parent firm is entitled to all of the branch’s profits, benefits, gains, and other returns. Similarly, the parent firm is fully responsible for all of the subsidiary’s debts, expenses, and other liabilities.

Offshore company registration is only one of the many services we provide to Middle Eastern clients, including those headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. More than a thousand businesses have already benefited from our aid in establishing themselves in the United Arab Emirates. Along with helping you establish your business in Dubai, UAE Free Zones also offers a full range of services to open a bank account there.

Visas Cost

  • SHAMS’ visa allocation mechanism is among the most adaptable out there, allowing for anywhere from zero to six visas to be granted to a single organisation.
  • Hamriyah-free zone visas are another option for obtaining numerous entries into Sharjah.
  • Plus, you’ll always have the option to increase your plan’s features.
  • Every visa has a 3-year validity period.
  • Applicants for a residency permit under the SHAMS free zone licence must either provide proof of health insurance or indicate that they aim to obtain coverage within 10 months.

Company Renewal

  • Remote access is available for both renewal and initial establishment of a company. The regulatory body has no interest in audit reports.
  • Payments for renewals are identical to initial payments. The results of audits are unnecessary.
  • You will be charged a monthly fee beginning the month after you forget to renew the company. AED 1,100 is the penalty after the first month. In subsequent months, you can expect to pay 100 AED.


  • If you need to make a change, Sharjah Media City makes it easy. Most of them cost about 2,000 AED, and your presence isn’t even necessary.
  • During the period of renewal, any modifications to the licence are provided at no additional cost.
  • The Opinion of Business Organization Experts
  • You can choose a business activity at SHAMS that is likely to fit your needs, making it a perfect choice for new and emerging firms.
  • The prices are reasonable, and the allotted visa slots are generous.
  • DTEC company formation in this media-free zone is an alternative to establishing a business in the Dubai Emirate.


Shams offers four unique venue configurations to accommodate your specific wants and needs. Shams coworking spaces are ideal for new businesses that value fostering connections with a community of their peers.

  • Entrepreneurs are provided with dedicated office space, allowing them to concentrate on company goals while also opening doors to potential partnerships. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to office work, group meetings, and fostering professional relationships.
  • The sophisticated, tasteful, and functional layout creates a comfortable setting in which investors can get their work done and find it simple to expand the firm.
  • This is a gathering place for others who share your interests and values. As a bonus, this helps the investor in keeping the price of setting up shop to a minimum.
  • If an investor opts for a shared desk, they are not assigned a specific desk but rather have the freedom to move around the office and work from wherever is most convenient. It’s a great choice for investors who need to meet with clients regularly at their offices. SHAMS provides its tenants with the option of renting a shared desk on a daily, monthly, or annual basis, in addition to a variety of business licencing packages.
  • Individuals have their own private, lockable office space in the company. It provides a quiet location to work, from a solo desk to a cluster of desks, and facilitates cooperation among employees. 
  • It’s a great fit for solopreneurs or those who want to keep their personnel count low while still making progress on expanding their firm.
  • Investors in Sharjah Media City can choose from a variety of fully tailored office spaces, as well as flexible Shell and Core options. When company executives have their own office, they are free to devote more time and energy to developing the company’s most important strategies.
  • Because the start-up and ongoing rent costs for a new business is reduced by sharing an office in Sharjah Media City, this is a financially viable choice for investors. More privacy is afforded than at a communal workstation, and networking possibilities are expanded.


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