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Sharjah Cricket Stadium in Sharjah, UAE

The Sharjah Cricket Stadium, located in the United Arab Emirates and emirate of Sharjah, was erected in the early 1980s and immediately rose to prominence as a regular venue for competitions. One-day cricket gained enormous popularity after India’s World Cup victory in 1983. The stadium hosted 198 ODIs and four Test matches between 1984 and 2003, drawing sizable audiences, mostly from the area’s Asian ex-pat community. Pakistan played games there in 2002 because of political unrest at home.

Additionally, it featured competitions for Masters (veterans) and other backup players. The Players Benefit Fund Series (CBFS), which Abdul Rahman Bukharin founded in 1981 and whose primary goal was to honour cricketers from the past and present, oversaw all matches. Present-day Pakistani and Indian cricket players receive reward purses in appreciation of their contributions. The stadium had just a few sparse seats and very basic amenities when it first opened, but by 2002 it had grown to 27,000 seats with floodlights.

Cricket Stadium Sharjah was built in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Address: Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Industrial Area 5, Sharjah, UAE – 88. (Google Map Location)
Phone: 065422991

About Sharjah Cricket Stadium in Sharjah

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Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 8:30 am–11 pm

The Sharjah Cricket Stadium, which can accommodate 15,000 spectators, opened its doors in the early 1980s. Book the tickets now if, in town during an exciting cricket match to watch the teams square off on the pitch!

Know that the Sharjah Cricket Stadium has hosted 200 One-Day International games, setting a Guinness World Record?

It is a world famous cricket stadium. So many people love this cricket stadium.

The Most Important Developments in Sharjah

  • The voyage and development of Sharjah Cricket Stadium have been full of events, some good, some terrible, or exceedingly bad, as can see from this conversation. Let’s quickly review the key events that occurred during the venue’s existence:
  • It was founded in 1980. And held the Asian Cup events from 1984 through 1995 for ten years.
  • Rahman established the CBFS in 1981, and it helped this country stage a record-breaking 206 ODIs between 1984 and 2003. In 2001, allegations of corruption hurt the stadium's reputation, which resulted in a drop in popularity and viewership and, as a result, fewer competitive events.
  • In 2004, the Sharjah Stadium hosted the ICC Cup competition; in 2014, it hosted a few IPL games.
  • Due to safety and security concerns at Pakistan’s contentious home stadium, four Test matches between Pakistan, the West Indies, and Australia were played here in 2002.

A general perspective on Sharjah Cricket Stadium

  • Not agree with or disapprove of every argument against Sharjah’s transparency. At least some of the senior executives or management. This is because the option to trust the comments of Asif Iqbal, the tournament’s organiser and a man who has been accused of rigging games. It is fair to be grateful for the fantastic sporting and social environment produced by the Sharjah cricket stadium.
  • The stadium reclaimed its grounds between 2014 and 2020 after successfully hosting several events, including the IPL.

Travel Advice for Sharjah Cricket Stadium

  • Before ordering the tickets, please check the stadium’s official website for the match schedule
    and timings.
  • Cricket matches typically last five to nine hours. Make appropriate travel arrangements.

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Sharjah cricket stadium contact number:  065422991

Sharjah cricket stadium location map: Google Map Location


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