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Sharjah Bus Route 309 [Al Rolla Terminal -Interchange 4]

309 Bus Timing Sharjah

Sharjah Bus Route 309 Al Rolla Terminal – Interchange 4 . Sharjah Transport agency provide a Sharjah bus route 309 timing and map also it may surely to help to Dubai People. The 309 bus route from Sharjah to Al Quoz. 309 bus has 9 stops departing from Al Rolla Terminal Sharjah and ending in Interchange-4.

Unveiling Sharjah Bus Route 309: A Guided Tour from Al Rolla Terminal to Interchange 4

One of the more developed transport networks in the United Arab Emirates is the one in Sharjah, a thriving emirate. It includes an extensive bus system. The 309 bus route, one of its many routes, is an essential conduit that links Interchange 4 and Al Rolla Terminal. This essay delves into the specifics of this itinerary, serving as a personal roadmap for you as you go through Sharjah’s city.

Understanding the Route

Sharjah bus route 309 travels between the central Sharjah location of Al Rolla Terminal and Interchange 4, a significant intersection that provides access to the rest of the emirate. The road winds through strategic locations, offering quick access to a range of business districts, residential communities, and sites of interest.

Embarking on the Journey

We start our exploration in Al Rolla Terminal, a busy hub full of activity. The station serves as a hub for traveller connections, offering access to numerous bus routes. When you get on a bus that is headed for Route 309, get ready to see Sharjah’s colourful tapestry come to life.

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Route: Al Rolla Terminal -Interchange 4

Price: 309 Bus Fare From Rolla Sharjah To Al Qouz Dubai is 17 AED and 309 Bus Fare From Emirates Mall( Interchange 4) Dubai To Rolla Terminal Sharjah is 15 AED.

Route 309 operates from Al Rolla Terminal -Interchange 4. Route 309covers various destinations including:


309 Bus Route Sharjah To Dubai

309 Bus Timetable:- From Monday To Sunday Between 5:55 AM To 11:55 PM.

To Interchange 4 st.

  1. Al Rolla Terminal
  2. King Faisal Road, Jumbo (Sony)
  3. Sharjah, Al Wahda Road , City Center 1
  4. Al Wahda Rd, Subway
  5. Sharjah, Ithihad Road, Al Safeer Mall
  6. Sharjah, Ithihad Road, Ansar Mall
  7. Emirates Tower Seaside Metro Bus Stop
  8. Emirates Gas Factory
  9. Interchange 4

309 Bus Timing From Al Quoz To Sharjah

It has 4 stops departing from Interchange-4 and ending in Al Rolla Terminal Sharjah.

Al Quoz To Sharjah 309 Bus Timing Today:- Between 5:55 AM To 11:55 AM.

To Al Rolla Terminal st.

  1. Interchange 4
  2. Sharjah, Ithihad Road, Ansar Mall
  3. Sharjah, Ithihad Road, Al Safeer Mall
  4. Al Wahda Rd, Subway
  5. Sharjah, Al Wahda Road , City Center 1
  6. King Faisal Road, Jumbo (Sony)
  7. Al Rolla Terminal

Reaching Your Destination: Interchange 4

Interchange 4 is where Route 309 ends. Access to different areas of Sharjah and the larger United Arab Emirates is provided by this crossroads. You may readily connect to buses going to Dubai, Ajman, and other emirates from here.

Additional Considerations

  • Frequently: Depending on the day of the week and time of day, there may be differences in the frequency of buses on route 309. For up-to-date information, it’s best to check the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) website or app.
  • Fares: Sharjah bus prices are renowned for being reasonably priced. To pay for your travels, you can get a reloadable travel card called a Nol card.
  • Facilities: Modern Sharjah buses have comfortable seating and are kept up nicely. Additionally, certain buses could have Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

Beyond the Bus Route

There are several experiences available in Sharjah besides taking the bus. To enhance your investigation, consider the following suggestions:

  • Cultural Delights: Visit museums such as the Sharjah Art Museum or the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization to fully immerse yourself in Sharjah’s rich history.
  • Foodie Paradise: Indulge in Emirati cuisine or sample flavours from around the world at Sharjah’s many eateries to start your gastronomic journey.
  • Natural Beauty: Unwind and escape the bustle of the city at Khalid Lagoon, a picturesque location perfect for family vacations and picnics.

Sharjah Bus Route 309: A Convenient and Connective Journey

More than just a means of transportation, Sharjah bus route 309 is a doorway to discovering the spirit of this emirate. Travelling this journey will provide you with an understanding of Sharjah’s diverse cultural offerings, thriving economy, and fascinating sites. So get on board, venture forth, and find Sharjah’s hidden treasures!

Additional Tips:

For route maps, real-time bus monitoring, and fare information, download the Sharjah RTA app.
Think about getting a multi-day Nol card if you want to use Sharjah’s public transport system on the cheap.
Wear modest clothing and be aware of local customs, particularly while visiting places of worship or traditional souqs.

For Queries:

For any suggestions on how you can make Public Transport better, please feel free to contact us on the following numbers.

Roads & Transport Authority – Sharjah: 600 52 52 52

Can Nol card be used in Sharjah?

Yes,  Nol cards are also accepted.

The 309 bus route From al Quoz to Sharjah bus. It has 4 stops departing from Interchange-4 and ending in Al Rolla Terminal Sharjah.

What are the start and end points of Route 309?

The route terminates at Interchange 4 after beginning at Al Rolla Terminal.

Which important landmarks are located along the route?

Al Wahda Souq, University City Sharjah; King Faisal Road; Al Qasba; Al Ittihad Road.

How often do buses run on Route 309?

Depending on the day of the week and time of day, the frequency may change. For up-to-date information, it is advised to visit the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority website or mobile application.

Are the buses on Route 309 accessible for people with disabilities?

Sharjah is aiming to make public transport more accessible. Some newer buses may include features like ramps or specific seating places, however not all of them may be totally accessible.


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