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Sayer Card in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Sayer Card in Sharjah

What is Sharjah Sayer Card?

Travel more easily in Sharjah if you have a Sayer card. It makes it possible for riders of Sharjah Public Transport to purchase tickets electronically. When taking the bus, this technology can help to save time.

Sayer Card


Procedure to register your Sayer Cards in Sharjah

How to register Sharjah Sayer Card

Procedure to register your Sayer Card


  1. To apply, visit
  2. Enter the Sayer card number
  3. Take the photo of Sayer card and attach in the required field
  4. Select the Title, Enter the Sayer card holder’s name, date of birth, gender, residential address, contact number
  5. Select the Emirate & Enter the Emirates ID number or passport number and upload the copy of Emirates ID or passport
  6. Select the nationality & mobile number, email-id
  7. Enter the registration date and attach your emirates id scan copy in the required field
  8. Enter the Sayer card password to complete the registration.

How to use Sharjah’s bus  Sayer card:

How to get a Sayer card?

In Mowasalat buses, pay using a Sayer card. If you utilize the Sayer card, it can save money.

Sayer Ticket: 6 AED

At the SAYER vending machine in Sharjah’s Jubail Bus Terminal, purchase a new Sayer card.

For a new Sayer card, ask the driver.

Service Price: 5 AED

Maximum balance to recharge: 180 AED

Validity: 5 years

How to check the Sayer Card amount balance?

Check the Sayer Card balance at the sales counter, the vending machine, or in the tickets that the driver issues each time.

Where do we go to recharge?

No one can get a Sayer card recharge online since cards are available at the instance from the drivers, and there is currently no online application for a top-up. Get any public bus in Sharjah and tell the driver to wish to reload the Sayer blue card with a monthly subscription or with a specific amount.

The driver will recharge the card once to pay the fees, then hand the Sayer card back along with a receipt for purchase or payment.

How to top-up Sayer Cards in the Bus?

  1. Upon boarding any bus operated by Sharjah Public Transport, request a SAYER Discount Card or SAYER Subscription Card top-up from the driver.
  2. Tell the driver how much they need to top off

Sayer Discount Card

  • 45 AED 
  • 90 AED

Sayer Subscription Card

AED 225 (valid for 30 days)

  1. Bring the purchase receipt and the SAYER Card.
  2. The prior balance and the sum charged to the SAYER Card will be shown on the purchase receipt.

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