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Sharjah Safari Park

Sharjah safari, long-awaited as the largest safari park outside of Africa, is finally open. Visit this 8,000-acre park to see giraffes, and lions, among many other fascinating and rare animals. This enormous park, part of the al bridi nature reserve in Al Dhaid, Sharjah, transports visitors to an African scene and displays the variety and abundance of the continent’s species. All right, without any further giving too much away, here is a whole rundown of this amazing safari park. 

The safari park is open daily from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm. Sharjah safari park is home to beautiful landscapes and gorgeous creatures, but that’s not all it has to offer. Along with the superb facilities, the park features a vast and beautiful natural lake that is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, a conference hall, and other attractions.

Features of Sharjah Safari Park

Over a thousand animals and birds from more than 120 species call Sharjah safari home. This diverse collection of wildlife includes everything from lions and gazelles to elephants and crocodiles, as well as numerous endangered species native to Africa. 

In addition to the incredible variety of fauna, the site also features more than a thousand native and African plants, such as the stunning acacia tortillas, which are known for their umbrella-like appearance. Covering an incredible eight square kilometres, the park’s environment is quite breath-taking.

Activities Highlights

You’ve come mostly to witness the incredible wildlife, right? Feel awed by the park’s massive size and the incredible creatures that inhabit there. The park is enormous, covering over 800 hectares (2.5% more land than a central park). There are more than a thousand different kinds of animals and birds living there, including 120 different kinds of birds. Mammals including giraffes, lions, elephants, flamingos, rhinos, and crocodiles. Meanwhile, more than a thousand indigenous and African trees supply all the foliage and vegetation essential to the survival of the wildlife and flora.

Division of Safari Park

The park is divided into 12 zones, each designed to look and feel like a different area of Africa, so visitors can have the most realistic experience possible. There is a three-tiered pricing structure for admission to the Africa zone, with the bronze ticket costing Dhs40 for adults and Dhs15 for children ages 3 to 12.

More Than 120 Species At Sharjah Safari

Fifteen giraffes released into the park’s safari area and have been thriving there ever since. Bridi, the first African female giraffe born at Sharjah safari, is the centre of attention. The spotlight isn’t always on bridi. Last year in august, the southern white rhinoceros named wuhaida was born as part of a breeding effort at Sharjah safari, making her the first of her kind to be born in the region since the species was nearly extinct.

Experience of safari in Africa

Experiencing a safari in Africa will give you a taste of the continent’s vibrant culture and delicious cuisine. Exotic birds like flamingos and Aldabra giant tortoises will also be in sight. There is a replica of Africa’s Serengeti plains here at the safari, where the annual wildebeest migration takes place. But before you even leave for Africa, there’s a walking trip called to Africa that will introduce you to the fauna of eastern Africa. You next proceed to the Sahel region, where you may see a variety of deserts, grasslands, and wildlife.

Experience of the Savannah

There is the experience of the savannah, the experience of the extinct crater that formed the Ngorongoro, and the experience of the canyons and valleys of southwest Africa in the final leg of the voyage, named Moremi.

Sharjah safari features 12 distinct ecosystems, and visitors can choose from a variety of admission options to explore them. Those under the age of 12 pay dh15 for a bronze ticket, which includes a two- to three-hour walking tour of one environment, and those beyond the age of 12 pay dh40.

Silver tickets cost Dh50 for kids between the ages of 3 and 12 and Dh120 for anyone beyond the age of 12 and allow entry to all the parks’ ecosystems except the Serengeti. The bus ride, which will between five and six hours, is included in the price of the ticket. Visitors with gold tickets will be transported in style and given their guide for a five- to six-hour journey through all the attractions. For those over the age of 12, tickets are dh275, and those under the age of 2 are charged dh120.

Luxury automobile rentals with a driver and tour guide cost dh1,500 for a group of six, dh2,250 for nine, and dh3,500 for a group of 12. These rates are all included in the gold category.


What is the safari journey package?

Ans – The safari journey is an exciting and informative tour that lasts around 45 minutes and brings visitors face-to-face with some of the most well-known animals in the world. Visitors to the UAE’s only drive-through safari show can observe the animals as they sleep, eat, play, and socialise.

Can we take food to the safari park?

Ans – Nothing may be brought into the park for consumption or consumption. Inside the park, alcoholic beverages not permitted under any circumstances. We cannot allow pets here for the protection and well-being of our animals.

Can you bring water into the safari park?

Ans – You can bring beverages and snacks into the park. Large coolers not permitted, and there is nowhere to put one even if you bring one.

Can you walk around the safari park?

Ans – A visit to the park can be spent walking in its entirety. There are three distinct sections inside the safari park. The new Australian displays, gardens, condor ridge, and tiger trail are in this elevated section of the park. There are elephants and an African outpost down here, as well as the lion camp.

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