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Parking in Sharjah

There may be times in Sharjah, especially during peak travel times, when it’s difficult to get a parking spot. The city government is constantly attempting to improve the parking system so that it is more convenient for motorists. The advent of contactless payment technologies is a relatively new phenomenon. To learn everything there is to know about parking in Sharjah, go no further than this site.

The parking lots are owned by the local transportation authority or municipal corporation, which also sets rates for using them. Government officials are working to increase the number of parking spots available to the public.

Nearly all of Sharjah’s major thoroughfares feature paid parking lots.

Parking lots may be found in the following areas:

Al Sour, Al Khan, Umm Al Tarafa, Du Dang, Al Jubail, Al Majara, Al Mareeja, Al Shwahain, Al Nasirya, Maysaloon, Al Ilya, Al Nabba, Al Mahata, Al Shahaba, Al Musala, Al Gudaibah, Al Munakh, Al Yarmouk, Al Abar, Al Khuzaima, Halwan.

On weekdays (except Fridays and public holidays), you can use any of the parking areas along these routes between the hours of 8:00 am and 10:00 pm, usually at no cost. Since these regulations are susceptible to change, this no-cost service may be compromised in the future.

It will cost you to park in various regions of Sharjah for various amounts of time. For hourly parking rates in Sharjah, you can utilise one of the city’s physical parking metres.

A longer subscription period is rewarded with parking stickers. Smart parking cards have replaced these decals to streamline the process. These cards are associated with a certain vehicle and its identification number for ease of use. The cardholder is required to display the card in a conspicuous location, such as on the car’s windshield. All you must do is go to the Sharjah City Municipality website and follow the steps below to apply for one of these cards.

  • Check to see the main webpage.
  • To contact the Public Parking Department, visit the Smart Service Page and click on the appropriate link.
  • Go ahead and select “Parking Subscription.”
  • Enter your login details, then proceed with the instructions.
  • Select either yearly, semi-annually, or quarterly renewal if you are applying for a new period.

If you wish to pay using a parking subscription card, the following is a breakdown of the costs.

The fees can be paid in a variety of approaches. If you prefer not to utilise the parking lot’s actual machines, you can register via SMS instead. In this space, we detail the many payment options available to you.

Vehicle Parking Machine

You can pay for and print out parking tickets at any of the city’s actual parking machines. Any number of coins between 1 and 500 AED can be used, and a ticket will be printed. If you plan on making use of this service, you’ll need to post the ticket in plain sight on your dashboard.

Safety in the Form of Bank Accounts

The Sharjah car subscription cost can be paid annually, semi-annually, or quarterly with a bank transfer. A debit card can be used to make instantaneous payments to the government. To make a payment, you need just to have an account at a bank recognised and operating in the United Arab Emirates. You can pay any POS machine with cash, or send the money through the mobile banking app.

If you’d like to subscribe to a parking card in Sharjah, you can do so online and pay the associated fees on SMC’s website.

  • Please check out our ‘Smart Service’ page online.
  • Follow this link to access the public parking services offered by the city.
  • To create an account and pay for parking, select “Parking Subscription.”
  • Just do what you’re told and suffer the price.

All the previous information on parking spots was for a limited time only. However, the Sharjah airport parking facility is the best option if you need to leave your vehicle there for an extended amount of time. You can leave your car here for up to 30 days, but only if you’re taking off from the exact same airport.

Modern solutions to the problem of a growing number of cars in each area are parking systems and facilities. New parking structures are being constructed by the government to make life easier for motorists. If you’re the type that has trouble parking no matter how much room there is, you’ll be happy to know that many newer vehicles are equipped with parking sensors to make the process easier.


Is parking in Sharjah free?

Parking in Sharjah is a paid service 8am to 10pm, Saturday to Thursday. Parking is free on Fridays, except in zones that have blue information signs. In such areas, parking is a paid service on all days of the week.

What time is free parking in Sharjah?

Ans – Between Saturday at 8:00 am and Thursday at 10:00 pm, the emirate charges for public parking. On Fridays, parking is free everywhere but the “Blue” zone, which requires payment for its services every day of the week.

How can I get public parking in Sharjah?

Ans – Simply dial 5566 to begin sending and receiving SMS messages. Service fee of 38 fills is added to each SMS message sent. You don’t need to register your car or yourself in advance to use SMS parking.

What is a virtual parking permit in Sharjah?

Ans – Subscribers, whether individuals or businesses are granted access to public parking lots in Sharjah. Prices for subscriptions shift depending on the plan chosen.

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