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Office For Rent in Sharjah

Office For Rent in Sharjah

Sharjah, the UAE’s cultural centre, has numerous investor-friendly legislation, making it an increasingly popular place to do business in the region.

The low cost of renting a commercial space in Sharjah is another reason many companies shop there. If your firm is looking to expand into the emirate or establish a business there, we’ve gathered a list of the most popular places to find office space for rent in Sharjah. You can get wonderful business centre in Sharjah.

Popular Areas To Rent Office in Sharjah

Al Khan

Al Khan is a well-liked region for renting offices in Sharjah for various purposes. For starters, it is finely poised in the city’s centre and is reachable from all directions. Al Khan also has a variety of office space options, making it a fantastic choice for all kinds of businesses. The neighbourhood’s abundance of facilities and amenities contributes to Al Khan’s popularity as a location for renting offices.

Al Khan is a convenient workplace spot because there are many dining, drinking, and shopping alternatives. The numerous parks and open spaces nearby offer a welcome break from the rush of daily life. Al Khan is unquestionably the best option if you’re seeking an office rental in Sharjah that is conveniently situated and packed with features.

The average rent for offices in Al Khan is AED 67.49 per square foot.

Al Rolla

Renting an office in Al Rolla, Sharjah, is common for many businesses. There is a diverse selection of available office spaces, and the neighbourhood is easily accessible from elsewhere in the city. is a great spot to open a shop because it is already home to well-known companies and institutions. Al Rolla is among the best options for finding a new office in the city of Sharjah to rent.

Al Majaz

As far as Sharjah office rentals go, Al Majaz is the most sought-after location. The region is well-known for its beautiful vistas and high-rise buildings, which house various shops, restaurants, and residences along the Buhaira Corniche. Most of these structures are in good condition and provide all the necessities for a successful enterprise.

It’s convenient location off the E11 expressway is a godsend for those working in other emirates. Buses and taxis provide convenient access to the area’s other public transportation options.

There is an abundance of dining options, banking services, and other conveniences in Al Majaz. For regular customers of your business, the convenience of nearby public parking facilities may be a deciding factor in choosing a location. You may choose from some offices that have been fully outfitted and equipped.

The average rent for offices in Al Majaz is AED 37.60 per square foot.

Al Buteen

With its convenient location near Sharjah International Airport, Al Buteen is a top choice for businesses looking to lease office space. Al Buteen, conveniently situated in the city’s core, has a diverse selection of available commercial real estate.

There is a wide range of office spaces available in Al Buteen, from those ideal for a tiny start-up to those that can accommodate a big, well-established company. As a commercial hub, Al Buteen benefits from some factors that make it stand out. The proximity to other amenities is a major plus. Because of its central Sharjah location, Al Buteen is convenient for its staff and customers.

A variety of public transportation routes serve the area around and via Al Buteen, further simplifying travel to and from the neighborhood. The volume of available office space is another factor contributing to Al Buteen’s allure to commercial tenants. Offices range from modest cubicles to massive buildings that may house whole corporations.

We provide office space in Al Buteen that can be customized to meet the demands of any company. It’s hard to beat Al Buteen for a prime location in Sharjah’s heart when seeking an office. Al Buteen is a great spot to set up a shop since it has convenient access to many modes of public transportation and a large variety of office space alternatives.

Al Taawun

One of the best places to find an office to rent in Sharjah is Al Taawun. Due to its closeness to Dubai and relatively low rentals, the neighborhood has become more popular. The commercial and retail centers of Al Taawun are among the city’s many attractions. Many companies have chosen to set up shop in the Al Taawun region because of its many advantageous features. For starters, there is a low cost of living here. Al Taawun’s rental costs are far less than those of Dubai, making the area a great choice for financially constrained companies.

Furthermore, Al Taawun’s connectivity to Dubai is a major plus. The city’s vicinity to Dubai makes it convenient for companies to visit. As a commercial and retail center, the neighborhood is home to many convenient stores. Businesses may reach potential buyers and advertise their wares as a result. Office space in Al Taawun is available for rent at reasonable rates and is centrally located in Sharjah. Many other companies and retail centers are already in the zone, so locating clients and propagating the message should be simple.

Al Qasimiya

One of Sharjah’s most sought-after office rental neighborhoods is Al Qasimiya. This part of town has excellent transportation links and is home to many professional spaces. Renting an office in Al Qasimiya is a common practice for companies in Sharjah and for good reason. To begin, Al Qasimiya’s convenient location is a key factor. Being easily accessible from throughout the city is a huge plus for companies that rely on foot traffic. The profusion of business space options in Al Qasimiya is another positive feature. Numerous office complexes provide a wide range of options for local firms to lease office space.

The average rent for offices in Al Qasimiya is AED 32.60 per square foot.

Al Qasimiya’s high level of security is the third reason for its popularity. Due to the area’s heavy police presence, companies may feel confident in their workplace’s safety. Fourthly, there are several establishments to patronize in Al Qasimiya. That’s great news for stores and restaurants that get most of their clientele from foot traffic. Fifthly, Al Qasimiya is a trendy neighborhood. The area’s office buildings are state-of-the-art, with many services available to local firms.

The variety of dining options in Al Qasimiya is the sixth argument in favour of visiting the area. This is a big plus for companies wishing to give their workers a break room where they may eat lunch or have a cup of coffee throughout the day. The last and seventh argument is that office space in Al Qasimiya may be rented at a reasonable monthly rate. Companies may save a tonne of money on office space by renting in this neighborhood. Office renters needing a great location in Sharjah can go as far as Al Qasimiya.

Al Quds Street (Office For Rent in Sharjah)

Al Quds Street is home to a wide range of commercial establishments. Restaurants, coffee shops, banks, and retailers fall under this category. Along with homes and shops, this street also has a hotel. This street is perfect for an office lease due to its convenient location and the wide range of local establishments. People from many walks of life call this street their home.

This is a fantastic avenue for making connections and expanding your social circle. The roadway also plays host to a wide range of public gatherings. Renting an office on this street would be a good decision because of the constant pedestrian traffic and various businesses. Al Quds Street is a fantastic location to lease an office in Sharjah. This street is conveniently situated, and it’s near a wide range of establishments.


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