Sunday, June 16

List of Mosque in Sharjah

There are Fourteen Major Mosque in Sharjah Show as Given Below:

  1. Al Noor Mosque
  2. Sheikh Saud Al Qasimi Mosque
  3. King Faisal Mosque
  4. Al Qasba Mosque
  5. Al Azem Mosque
  6. Al Ittihad Great Mosque
  7. Al Ansar Mosque
  8. Bin Darwish Mosque
  9. Al Rahimoon Mosque
  10. Al Maghfirah Mosque
  11. Al Aziz Mosque
  12. Sharjah Masjid
  13. Burhani Masjid sharjah Mosque
  14. Suraqa Bin Malik Mosque

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