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KhorFakkan Beach

Tourists flock to Khorfakkan because of its prime location on the UAE’s east coast, right on the Gulf of Oman. The town’s main draw is the beautiful Khorfakkan Beach. Khorfakkan Beach boasts a healthy coral reef to the northwest of the town centre thanks to government conservation efforts. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it’s become a popular destination for people interested in aquatic life.

Although administratively part of Sharjah, this town is surrounded by Fujairah. It stands to reason that the stunning Khorfakkan beach would be included among the top Fujairah attractions. One of the few accessible deep-sea ports in the area is the Khorfakkan Container Terminal. Consequently, if you were to rent an apartment in Fujairah, you might become accustomed to seeing massive ships pull up to the pier and leave again.

The stony Hajar Mountains provide the backdrop of Khorfakkan Beach. These granite outcrops are stunningly picturesque and photogenic thanks to the years of natural weathering and use they’ve endured. Although these breath-taking locations are frequently showcased on Instagram, nothing can compare to being there.

Attractions Ways

  • Khorfakkan Beach is a great place to try out several different pursuits. Due to the abundance of nearby islands, the area is a haven for water sports, including scuba diving, snorkelling, and jet skiing. 
  • It is also possible to rent a small boat from Khorfakkan Beach and cruise around the various islands. Snorkelling gear, like masks and fins, can rented from local sellers. You can also inquire with the locals about Khorfakkan Beach. They treat visitors to their city with nothing but warmth and hospitality.
  • Regarding snorkelling and scuba diving, numerous little islands and ocean places stand out as some of the best. Predicting marine life’s behaviour is possible based on how it has historically behaved. So, if you ask around, you can find out where you have the best chance of seeing a species of fish, ray, turtle, etc. It’s an excellent way to put your diving talents to the test, what with depth and all.

Khorfakkan is home to several fantastic spots for scuba divers and snorkelers. It is essential to always work with legitimate tour operators, as all organisations providing these services might be licenced and registered. You can do these things in the water in Khorfakkan, and this article will tell you where to go.

Shark Island:

This tiny rocky island off the coast of Khorfakkan public beach is a snorkeler’s, scuba divers, and swimmer’s dream. Snorkelers can enjoy the presence of sea anemones and turtles, while divers are drawn to the area by the stunning rock formations that are home to moray eels, rays, and Arabian angelfish. A kayak is a great way to see the underwater world from the surface, so you can go fishing without ever getting wet. It is recommended that families with children hire guides from a diving centre in the area. You can hire scuba or snorkelling gear like fins, snorkels, and masks. Sharjah’s sandy coastline is the ideal location for a picnic. There is something for everyone of all ages to enjoy on this island while taking advantage of Sharjah’s beautiful climate.

Dibba Island:

The old fortification of Dibba Al Hisn is the main attraction in this Sharjah beach resort. This place is beautiful since it sits at the foot of the Hajar Mountains. The Oman Gulf forms the eastern boundary, while Dibba Al Baya and Dibba Al Fujairah define the northern and southern boundaries, respectively. It considered to be smallest of the Dibba portions. Starting in the pre-Islamic era, this area has played an essential role in the marine trade.

Coral Gardens:

Sharks and crocodile fish make an underwater tour of the Coral Gardens an exciting adventure. If you want the finest time, try to go as far down as possible in the water. If you’ve been searching for a reason to treat yourself to a waterproof camera, now is as good a time as any. Live footage allows you to experience these significant interactions with marine life anytime.

Anemone Gardens:

Snorkelling and scuba diving are delightful here because the water is typically no deeper than 20 metres. You can expect to see plenty of shy marine life, like seahorses and barracudas, while snorkelling or scuba diving in this area. If they come close enough for a handshake, capture a photo.

Fun Time

Playgrounds designed for kids are abundant on the beach and free to use. A few rays of sunlight struggle to penetrate the thicket of palm trees that dot the landscape. If you have young children who are avid football fans, they will have a blast running around and discovering the area. You can enjoy the sun and the company of your loved ones as your child practises his or her football skills on the beach. Always have some UV protection on hand and remember your sunglasses.


You’ll find a variety of delicious fruits, durable rugs for decorating every room, and stunning earthenware to explore. Whether you’re actually buying anything or just looking, most stores will let you snap your picture with them for a selfie. We have an abundance of seasonal fruits, and it would be a shame to pass them up if you happen to be in the area. Take a break from shopping and bargaining at one of the surrounding cafes serving tasty treats like sandwiches, egg wraps, and cups of tea.


You can use a cab, a bus, or a car (self-driven or chauffeur-driven) to travel to Khorfakkan Beach in Sharjah from any other emirates. If you’re driving from Dubai to Khorfakkan, the newly completed tunnel will get you there in about two to three hours.

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