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Kalba Sharjah

Regarding ecotourism in the United Arab Emirates, Kalba is the most popular area, providing chances for wildlife watching during activities like walking, kayaking, and scuba diving. The Arabian oryx is a popular tourist attraction, and many visitors stop by on their way to or from the adjacent Sharjah shore. It is common for people to bring picnics to the reserve because of its beautiful scenery and glistening water. Kalba is home to the Bait Sheikh Saeed bin Hamed Al Qassimi museum; a renovated hisn (fort), and a tranquil beach promenade. Built-in 1901 as a royal house, the museum is now a popular tourist destination. One of the best things to do in Sharjah, Kalba is a nature reserve that offers a wide variety of experiences for visitors interested in both wildlife and Sharjah’s rich cultural history.

Villas predominate in the city, whereas apartment buildings are scarce. Its proximity to the Gulf of Oman is facilitated by its position on the eastern shore. The town is divided into numerous neighbourhoods, each of which features its collection of services and conveniences. The city has amenities like parks, schools, and eco-friendly entertainment areas. The western part of Kalba, where there are mangrove reserves and heritage monuments, is particularly well-liked.

Khor Kalba

Khor Kalba, also known as the Kalba creek, is a wetland home to some of the most stunning mangrove forests in Arabia and is one of Kalba’s most famous attractions. Some of the world’s most attractive and endangered bird species, such as the Arabian-collared kingfisher, make their home in the Al Qurm Nature Reserve’s more than 500 hectares of gorgeous mangroves. Even though the area is closed to the public, birdwatchers are encouraged to sit in the neighbouring cafe and endeavour to spot the creatures with binoculars.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Kalba that’s great for kids, look no further than Mysk Kingfisher Retreat. Enjoy the height of luxury in a tented suite with a private pool right on the water. With its three bedrooms, this tent offers an authentic experience of UAE luxury glamping and a chance to get in touch with nature, making it ideal for families.

Most visitors to Kalba stop by on their way to or from Fujairah, a famous resort city close by. 

Public Transportation

You can take a taxi or bus to get around Kalba and the surrounding area. Most locals get around town using personal automobiles daily.

Route E99, the Dibba Al Fujairah–Kalba bus, and the b or Sharjah–Kalba bus are all examples of intercity bus routes. The stop for bus E116 is near the Al Agoula Al Khan Mosque, which is right off the E99. You may reach other bus terminals in the area, including those serving Kalba, by travelling to Fujairah, which is only 20 minutes away. Those are the bus stops for Route E700, including places like the Ministry of Labour, Choithrams Supermarket, Ajman University, and the Fujairah Bus Station.


A private institution in Kalba, the American Private School of Kalba, follows the U.S. government-mandated Common Core Curriculum. The private school was founded in 2018, is accredited by the American International Accreditation Association and now enrols students in Pre-K through 12.

Kalba’s English Private School offers programmes from kindergarten through high school, all by the Ministry of Education’s regulations and the British curriculum. A campus of the University of Sharjah can also be found in Kalba.

In 1997, His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qassimi founded this private Emirati university. This university provides education in several fields, including engineering, medicine, the humanities, social sciences, health sciences, information technology (IT), and fine arts.

In Kalba, There Are a Lot of Fun Activities to Enjoy

Taking a kayak through the dense mangrove forest of Khor Kalba can be a thrilling experience. Floating down the creek, you might spot some local wildlife, such as turtles, crabs, fish, and possibly the critically endangered Arabian-collared kingfisher.

Visitors can pitch their tents in various locations on the beach and sleep under the stars in the company of pristine water. Camping here is free of charge, and many visitors take advantage of this by purchasing fish from the local fishermen as they bring in their nets to grill over an open fire for dinner.

Taking a trek across Kalba’s picturesque spots and rocky landscape is the finest way to see the island. Unlike Sharjah’s other popular tourist spots, there are no prearranged hiking tours here. However, tourists might engage a local guide to show them the lesser-travelled routes.

Marlin, sailfish, dorado, and, most notably, yellowfin tuna are all sought by novice and expert anglers. Those interested fishermen can also book a boat hire through any number of excursion companies.

Kalba Weather

Kalba is located on the eastern coast of the nation, beyond the Hajar Mountains, and faces the Gulf of Oman; hence it often has lower temperatures than Sharjah, the country’s most populous Emirate and largest city.

Like the rest of the United Arab Emirates, the months of October through April, with their milder temperatures, are ideal for sightseeing and other outdoor activities.

The Best Way to Get to Kalba

East of Sharjah City, 120 kilometres, is where you’ll find Kalba. Public transportation connects Sharjah with Kalba, so tourists and residents who need their own or rented vehicles can still make the trip. By taking Buses 13A and 63, the trip may be completed in around 160 minutes.


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