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How to get a Gas Provider in Sharjah, UAE? Procedures and documents required

How to get a Gas Provider in Sharjah, UAE? Procedures and documents required

In Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, becoming a gas provider normally entails connecting your home or business to the network of suppliers of natural gas.

Procedure to get a Gas Provider in Sharjah

  • You should first make sure that natural gas is available where you are. Natural gas is not available everywhere in Sharjah, therefore you should check with the neighbourhood administration or a gas provider to see if the service is offered where you are.
  • To start the connection process, get in touch with your preferred gas supplier. They will walk you through the process and give you detailed instructions.
  • The gas supplier will inspect the property to determine whether it is feasible to connect it to the gas network. This may entail determining how close any gas pipelines are to your property.
  • For a gas connection, you must fill out an application. You can obtain the application form from the gas provider’s office or website. An application fee may also be required of you.
  • You might need to get approvals from relevant agencies, such the municipality or civil defence department, depending on the type and location of your home. On this, the gas company will advise you.
  • The appropriate gas metres and pipelines will be installed at your property by the gas supplier. Make sure you’re there for the installation so you can verify that the job is finished.
  • A safety inspection will be done following installation to make sure all gas connections adhere to safety regulations.
  • Your gas connection will be activated and you can start utilising natural gas for your appliances once the safety check is successful.

Documents Required

  • Application for Gas connection.
  • Passport copy of Building owner.
  • Building permission.
  • Affection plan of the plot
  • Gas piping drawing of the building
  • Copy of the Gas Contractor’s License
  • Letter from the gas contractor showing the gas connection details of the building
  • Payment of the prescribed fees in the event that the completion certificate of the building is requested


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