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How to Check Sharjah Traffic Fines

If you have been caught breaking traffic laws, you may also be worried about how to cover the cost of the fine.

Sharjah’s traffic fines are intended to keep drivers safe on the city’s roads. Sharjah’s traffic laws include not just financial fines, but also black points, car seizures, and licence suspension for repeat offenders. In Sharjah, for instance, driving without a licence can cost you AED 500, plus four demerit points . And the detention of your automobile for seven days.

Thus, it is imperative that you keep track of your traffic tickets and clear them in a timely manner to avoid incurring any further fines or penalties. The ability to pay traffic fines online is a great convenience for drivers.

The most straightforward and hassle-free way to do this is through an online payment. Online options for paying traffic fines include the Sharjah Police as well as the Emirate Vehicle Gate app/website, the Ministry of Interior website.

You must create an account on the Ministry of the Interior UAE Website in order to view and submit your Sharjah traffic fines. If you want to use their online services, you must register for an account first. When you’re finished, click on the ticket to view your Sharjah traffic fine.

There are also several options for physically resolving the traffic fine. You can pay your fines in person at any of these locations.

  • Sharjah Municipality Building, Al Manakh
  • Al Khalidiya, where the Sharjah Municipality headquarters are located.
  • The Industrial Area 5 Public Parking Department
  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, Tasjeel Village

Sharjah Traffic Fines: How to Look Them Up Online

How to Check Sharjah Police Traffic Fines Online

You may look up the amount of a traffic charge you’ve received online if you’re curious about what you owe.

All that you require is the Emirates Identity and the reference number on the traffic ticket to complete the transaction.

Step-by-step instructions: 

1. Access the Sharjah Police Traffic page by visiting their main website.

2. To pay your traffic ticket online, use the link labelled “Pay Traffic Fine” in the page’s upper left corner.

3. There will be a pull-down menu on the following page.

4. To continue, click the “Online Payment” button.

5. Type in your Emirates ID number, the ticket’s reference number, and the amount you owe.

6. To continue, please select “Submit” from the menu.

Though universally important, not everyone is thrilled to adhere to their country’s traffic regulations. If you don’t watch your speed in the city, you can have to pay fines on a frequent basis. Today, traffic fines may be paid online or by phone, which makes it simpler than ever to figure out exactly how much you pay and settle the matter.

Where do I go to get my Sharjah driving licence renewed?

Online Sharjah driving licence renewal is available through the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website via the E-services drop-down menu, then selecting traffic and licencing. To obtain a temporary driver’s licence, one must search for and select the page labelled “car driver’s licence renewal,” log in using their credentials, upload supporting papers, and pay the associated charge.


1. If you’re caught speeding in Sharjah in 2022, do you get a break on your fines?

Ans – As of August 1, RTA Sharjah stated that the 50% discount on traffic offences would be extended over the previous deadline of July 31. The new date for this extension is October 4, 2022. The discount, according to the government, is valid for any fines issued between January 1, 2015, and March 31, 2022.

2. How long does it take for a traffic fine to come to Sharjah?

Ans – A fine may appear anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days after the infraction was committed if a fresh radar device captured the infraction. If, however, an older radar system detects the infraction, the Dubai Police Department’s website will publish the fine within a week to ten days.

3. What is traffic ID in Sharjah?

Ans – In accordance with the Abu Dhabi Police website, this is a one-of-a-kind number that identifies a user’s specific traffic profile within the Unified Traffic System. It’s the same number that appears on your licence and all the cars you’ve legally driven.

4. What is a golden chance in driving a license?

Ans – Those who already hold a valid driver’s licence from another nation might skip the local driving school and just take a test to receive their licence. You are only allowed one attempt at the direct road test when applying for a “golden chance” licence.

5. Is an Indian licence valid in Dubai?

Ans – Absolutely not. Either a permit issued by the UAE’s Ministry of Transportation or an International Driver’s Permit is necessary for your stay in the country.

6. Can I renew my license before it expires?

Ans – The LTO has announced that drivers can renew their licences 60 days before their expiration date. If you can provide evidence that you will be outside the country on the expiration date, you may be eligible to renew your visa a full year before it otherwise would have expired.


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