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GEMS Cambridge International Private School in Sharjah

GEMS Cambridge International Private School Sharjah (GCS) is a new addition to GEMS schools in the UAE.

Address:  Muweilah School Zone Area – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates (Google Map Location)

Phone: +971 6 502 4800


Hours: Monday to Thursday  – (7:30 am- 4 pm), Saturday – Closed, and Friday – Closed


About GEMS Cambridge International Private School in Sharjah

Curriculum: CBSE

Admission Process

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The school has high expectations for every child, as they are encouraged to take pride in personal achievement through hard work. Whilst academic success is of primary importance, there is also a firm belief in developing social, sporting, and artistic skills through both curricular and enrichment activities.

We create a learning environment that enhances academic achievements by instilling values, which guide the daily lives of our students. Our record of success not only rests on the efforts of students but also the dedication of the staff.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on staff training and development and on maintaining a thoroughly up-to-date study program for all students.

Admission Process

The admissions process involves these easy-to-follow Four steps:

STEP 1: Online Application

STEP 2: Registration

STEP 3: Assessment

STEP 4: Registration Deposit

School Fees

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