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Fine Arts and Design College in 80 Street, Sharjah

Fine Arts and Design College in 80 Street, Sharjah Address, Phone Number, Email, Website and Services

Address: 7FWM+98G – University City – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Contact Number: 97165057855


Opening Time: Sunday to Thursday – (7:30 am – 5 pm), Friday to Saturday  – Closed


Direction: View direction here

 About Fine Arts and Design College



Application Process

Online Application

Welcome to University of Sharjah’s College of Fine Arts and Design – CFAD a community that fosters creativity and promotes innovation in partnership with society. We endeavor to engage in art and design within the public realm.


  • Applied Design
  • Fine Arts

Services Fine Arts and Design College

  • Studio for Fashion design and textile
  • Workshop 1- pattern making and production
  • Workshop 2- textile design and production
  • Photo studio
  • Small cinema
  • Auditorium

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Information presented on this webpage pertains to the revised General Education Program requirements in effect

from the Fall 2012 semester onward. Students following undergraduate catalogs prior to the 2012–2013 academic year must adhere to the general education requirements.


Students following catalogs in effect from Fall 2012 onward must use the General Education Program Advising Worksheet.


Core Requirements

  • Students must successfully complete a minimum of 18 credit hours (catalogs prior to 2020–2021) or 15 credit hours (2020–2021 catalog onwards) in courses meeting the following core general education areas. Credits earned in these areas cannot be counted towards other general education requirements or other degree program requirements.
  • Non-Core Requirements
  • Students must be successfully complete a minimum of 24 credits in courses meeting the following,  non-core general education areas. Courses in these areas may also major requirements. In cases where a course is considered both a non-core general education requirement and a major requirement.


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