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Al Dhaid Sharjah

East of Sharjah, in a neighbourhood called Al Dhaid, new homes are being built. Located roughly in the centre of the Emirate, this oasis serves as the region’s primary economic hub. Many tourists visit the area every year because of its reputation as a paradise with its lush vegetation, palm palms, and vistas of the Hajar Mountains.

Some of Dhaid’s irrigation water comes from historic aqueducts known as falaj. There are numerous conveniences available in the region, from supermarkets and stores to rich farmlands that provide an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Dhaid has a camel racing circuit where races are held regularly on Thursday and Friday evening throughout the winter. Al Dhaid Hospital, a full-service hospital, is also located in the neighbourhood for the convenience of its inhabitants.

Many Sharjah residents make their homes at Al Dhaid. It is a significant portion of the Emirate because of the arid climate and rich grounds that make it perfect for farming, allowing it to export a wide range of fresh goods to other parts of the globe. The region is home to several large farms and orchards. It’s common knowledge that the Friday Bazaar is a must-see for everyone visiting town on any given day of the week. Various handcrafted goods, ceramics, rugs, and other things are sold at the local market.


Al Dhaid, Sharjah, is home to a plethora of local stores, or baqalas, as well as many supermarkets. Khyber Supermarket is well-known as a budget grocery store that has been there for quite some time. The Friday Market attracts a large weekly crowd because of its abundance of fresh produce and the low costs at which various handcrafted goods, like rugs and ceramics, may be purchase. Besides Safeer Dhaid, locals can also shop at Al Salwan Grocery and Al Taj Grocery.

Fun Activities

A wide variety of recreational opportunities are available to locals within easy driving distance of their houses. Some parks in the area include Kalba Gardens, Suhaila Park, and Kalba Corniche Park. The Sharjah Museum is a great place to visit if you interested in learning more about the culture and history of plants. A park, a playground, and a mosque may all be find nearby. The region is known for its camel racing events, which typically occur in winter.

Outdoor Activities

The neighbourhood’s popularity stems from the fact that it provides an escape from the busyness of the city. Locals love spending time in the great outdoors, and those seeking excitement may find it in the region’s breath-taking mountains. It is also common for locals and tourists to visit the Al Dhaid Fish Market. Furthermore, a few fitness centres, such as Seven Stars Gym, are available to the community.


Al Dhaid Road provides convenient access to many different parts of Sharjah. Stops along the route include the Primary Transformer Bus Station and the Emirates Station, among others. Although metro or tram connections have yet to be establish for the region, inhabitants often depend on private transportation to go to far-flung destinations.


Is the UAE a first-world country?

Ans – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an independent nation that has existed since 1971. In addition to never having been a member of the First World, it never qualified as one. However, even though it is a developing country, the United Arab Emirates is increasingly influential in international trade.

What happens if you marry an Emirati?

Ans – When she has been married to her Emirati husband for at least ten years without having children or seven years with at least one kid, a foreign woman may apply for and get Emirati citizenship. A woman married to an Emirati citizen man is eligible to become a citizen herself.

Can Emiratis drink?

Ans – Citizens of the United Arab Emirates are permitted to consume alcoholic beverages in private residences and public establishments. Residents of Dubai still need a liquor licence to buy alcohol for personal consumption, while Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates no longer need one.

Do hotels in Sharjah serve alcohol?

Ans – The bars and restaurants of most of the four and five-star rated in the emirates are licenced to offer alcoholic beverages. Some hotels, including all hotels in Sharjah, follow the strict prohibitions on alcohol imposed by Sharia Law. Nightclubs typically close at 3 a.m. despite having irregular business hours and drinking times.

What is an interesting fact about Sharjah?

Ans – Sharjah is unique among UAE emirates because it shares boundaries with everyone. Sharjah is a great place to live and stay because it is the only Emirate having a beachfront on both the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

What is the heart of Sharjah?

Ans – Sharjah’s cultural hub, Heart of Sharjah, can find in the city proper. A plan is to restore the country’s historical landmarks to make the area’s historic core a modern cultural hub.

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